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 Diet and Fitness Tracking made easy on your mobile phoneiFitOne Fitness Tracker NEW! 
The easiest to use Outlook calendar and contacts application for Windows Mobile!Agenda One NEW!
The #1 Outlook enhancement for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC!Agenda Fusion 8
CodeWallet Pro 6
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 Let iFitOne help you succeed with your diet and fitness goals!iFitOne Fitness Tracker NEW! 
 Agenda One NEW! 
CodeWallet Pro 6
 NewsMix News Reader  FREE 
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Try iFitOne today
iFitOne Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss tracking made easy for Windows Mobile - coming soon for iPhone!
Diet, fitness and weight loss
tracking made easy and fun!

Developer One was the Winner of the Handango 2005 Developer of the Year

Two-time winner!
Developer One was named
2008 Handango Developer of the Year!
Coming Soon:
Great applications for your iPhone
and iPod Touch!
Developer One is a Microsoft Certified Partner - Mobility Solutions Specialty
Fall/Winter 2008/2009
  • Developer One wins Handango 2008 "Developer of the Year" award for best Windows Mobile Smartphone!
  • New updates for Agenda One and iFitOne, optimized for the latest Windows Mobile devices.
  • Agenda Fusion wins "Best Pocket PC Application" at the 2008 Handango Developer 'Future Forum' conference and "Best Business Software Award for 2008" at!
Summer 2008

As we ramp up development for the iPhone and some new online services, we're looking for new ways to help you get even more out of your online mobile experience to access your information whenever you need it and wherever you are.  A lot of interesting experimentation going on here at Developer One and we can't wait to get some of these great ideas into your hands.

Thanks to so many of you for sharing your stories about getting fit and your efforts to start again with the help of iFitOne! Nothing is more exciting that hearing early success stories from those of you that have found iFitOne to be a wonderful compliment to your weight loss and exercise plans.

With a lot of users requesting support for their native language, we're now pleased to offer iFitOne in German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian!  Download your free trial today and see how iFitOne can help you! 

14 April 2008

New!  iFitOne Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss Manager for Windows Mobile helps you achieve your goals!  Try iFitOne today and see just how easy it can be to stay motivated and work towards your fitness goals.  Daily reminders keep you on track.  Outstanding summaries and easy to view charts help you monitor your progress.

Forget fad diets and wonder-pills, iFitOne is designed to help everyone and anyone who wants to commit to a weight loss plan and needs help staying motivated.

See the April Newsletter


15 November 2007

Agenda One Version 2 released!  See what's new in the best selling time and contact management solution for all Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices!  Get the details

Agenda One wins the 2007 Handango "Best Life Management Software" award and the 2007 Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine "Best Personal Information Management Software" award!

Read the November Go Mobile Newsletter, Celebrating 10 years of great mobile software!

  • We're more excited than ever to have won best software awards in the Handango 2007 Champion Awards and the Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Awards!
  • NewsMix News Reader Version 2 now available
    Improved synchronization and better feeds catalog make this a great update to this wonderful RSS news reader application!  Get your copy of NewsMix FREE today!

  • November Giveaway Winners
    Thanks to so many of you who recently subscribed to our newsletter or updated your newsletter profile!  On November 28, we picked 30 winners who will be receiving some great accessories from Just Mobile!  All winners have been contacted via email.  If you're not a newsletter subscriber yet, subscribe today!


27 September 2007
  • Developer One Agenda One wins Best Smartphone Software Award in the 2007 Handango Champion Awards!  This week at the annual Handango Developer's Summit in San Diego, CA, Handango announced the awards for the best software applications for mobile devices.  We're proud to announce that Agenda One was nominated for, and won in the category of best lifestyle applications for Windows Mobile Smartphones.  Congratulations to all of the other developers across all of the other mobile device platforms!
August 2007
  • Developer One is proud to announce the nominations of our best selling software in the Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards 2007!

    Solutions like CodeWallet Pro, Agenda Fusion, Agenda One and RapidCalc have been nominated by the experts at Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine in their 2007 software awards contest!  Download a free trial for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone today and see how our solutions can help you get more from your mobile device!
July 2007
  • With the launch of Apple's iPhone here in the US, we've been excited to take a look at it from the perspective of making all software for mobile devices even easier to use.  While we still prefer our Windows Mobile devices for the great features they offer, there are certainly a lot of great ideas that can be adopted from the iPhone user experience to give all Windows Mobile owners even better solutions.
  • New! Get the free NewsMix RSS feed news reader and quickly view the latest news stories and your favorite content feeds on your Windows Mobile device!

  • July 24: Read the latest Go Mobile Newsletter, find out more about the latest updates!

June 2007
  • New Agenda One updates make managing your time and contacts on new Windows Mobile 6 even better!  See latest review on  "For me, Agenda One is number one, its piece of software, that you must have in your Smartphone or Pocket PC. Great Work!"
  • Agenda One make the top 10 Finalists in the Palm Treo™ Windows Mobile® Challenge!
    Out of the more than 100 applications submitted, Agenda One is the only personal information management solution to make the cut!
May 2007
  • Agenda One now the best selling personal information management solution for Windows Mobile Smartphones!  New enhancements make it even easier to use on the new Windows Mobile 6 devices!
  • Agenda One Reviewed in PDA Essentials Magazine UK.  This is a great overview of Agenda One!  View the article
  • CodeWallet Pro and Agenda One to be included in-ROM on select devices throughout the Asia and European markets!  Since our beginning, we've been fortunate to have our applications included on more than 16 different device models distributed by five different device manufacturers! 
31 May 2007  View Newsletter
27 April 2007  View Newsletter
5 April 2007
  • Latest Updates to Agenda One, CodeWallet Pro and Agenda Fusion!
  • Learn a bit about Geocaching with your Pocket PC or Smartphone
  • Play along and you might win a free copy of CodeWallet Pro Desktop Edition!

View Newsletter

Spring 2007
  • NEW! DesignsByBert has just released the Business Icon Pack for Agenda One.
    Includes over 100 great business themed icons!  Get more information


  • Read the great mobility stories that our customers have submitted!

  • New Agenda One update now adds convenient launch icons for CodeWallet Pro and Smartphone Notes!

  • v8.50 update to Agenda Fusion now brings full Windows Mobile 6 support!

  • CodeWallet Pro now included bundled on the new O2 Xda Atom Life Pocket PC!

A special thanks to our customers that have recommended the use of Agenda One within their organizations!  The straightforward ease-of-use has made Agenda One an easy choice for companies looking for better mobile time management solutions, but can't afford the hassle of complex solutions that require a lot of user support. 

March 2007 - T-Mobile Deutschland "Software of the Month"

T-Mobile Germany has chosen Agenda One as the best software of the month for March 2007!

CodeWallet Pro chosen by O2 to be included on select Pocket PC and Smartphone devices in Asia.  Stay tuned for our announcements about Agenda One being included on select Windows Mobile 6 devices!
7 December 2006
  • Developer One announces the winners in the Agenda One GO MOBILE Drawing!
  • Limited time offer to download free Holiday Icon Pack for Agenda One!

View Newsletter

13 November 2006

The response to our launch of Agenda One was amazing.  So many of you responded asking for a Pocket PC version of Agenda One so we went to work and here it is!

Agenda One is now optimized for all Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PCs and Smartphones!

Agenda One is all about being the easiest to use mobile time & contact management solution for you.  And now it's the easy choice!  If you're using a Pocket PC or a Smartphone, you get the same great experience!

Experience Agenda One today. There's nothing like it.

See the November Newsletter Update

6 November 2006

Developer One launches the most innovative time, contact and task management solution ever created for Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones!

Agenda One is more than just a great time management solution.  Everything about Agenda One has been designed to make it incredibly easy to use.  Outstanding features, professional features and ease of use for everyone make Agenda One the only choice for mobile time management.

Try Agenda One today!

See the November Newsletter

4 November 2006
A special thank you goes out to all of you that submitted your guesses of the name of our new Smartphone application!  We had a lot of fun reading your submissions!  Ten lucky winners were awarded free copy of this new application! 
25 October 2006 - Name that Application!
Guess the name of our new Smartphone application!  You might just win a free copy!
Winners will be the first to get their hands on this great new application! 
(Contest ended.  Thanks to those that played!)

22 October 2006
Coming soon... An all-new solution for your Windows Mobile Smartphone!  Mobile time management has never been better or easier.  For business and personal use and everywhere in between, nothing comes even close.
September 2006
Developer One Agenda Fusion was the only time management solution good enough to be nominated for the Handango 2006 Best Pocket PC Software Awards!
August 2006
Continuing updates to CodeWallet Pro and Agenda Fusion make them better than ever.  We're also working on an all new solution for Windows Mobile that we know you'll love!
19 July 2006

Developer One receives 6 nominations for Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine's Best Software Awards 2006!
Thank you to all who have purchased our products and participated in the nominations process!

Pocket PC Nominations:

CodeWallet Pro 2006 - Best Secure Information Manager

Agenda Fusion 8  - Best PIM application

RapidCalc - Best Calculator Utility

Pocket ScreenSnap - Best Screen Capture Utility

AccessPanel 4 - Best Soft Keyboard Utility

Smartphone Nominations:

CodeWallet Pro 2006 - Best Secure Information Manager 


10 July 2006
We are happy to announce that CodeWallet Pro is included in ROM for the new Xda Atom Exec !
This Pocket PC Phone Edition has a
520MHz Intel processor, 192MB of ROM, 2 megapixel camera and FM Radio. The Messaging and Security Feature Pack is pre-loaded so this device is push e-mail ready.  It also has 802.11b Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 1.2, Infrared and tri-band (900/1800/1900MHz) GSM/GPRS/EDGE.
18 April 2006
New releases of Agenda Fusion 8
for Pocket PC and CodeWallet Pro 2006 Go Live!
Check out the latest releases of these best selling time and information management solutions and download your free trial today!  Experience the best in mobile information management.
18 April 2006 
07:25 : New Developer One web site goes online!
We hope you like the new look of our web site.  We're making it easier for you to quickly find what you're looking for!
April 2006
CodeWallet Pro will be included in ROM for Windows Mobile devices distributed by a wireless carrier.  Stay tuned for more details!

We're getting more positive feedback than ever on what we've done with Agenda Fusion for Windows Mobile 5.  Thanks for sharing your feedback, comments and suggestions!  We love to hear from you!

March 2006
We've been busy working on the next updates to Agenda Fusion and CodeWallet Pro and we hope to bring you these new releases in late April!

We're also working on a new mobile solution that we expect to be available in June of 2006... We think you're going to love it!

Developer One Software becomes one of the first software developers certified with the new Mobility Solutions competency.

February 2006
CodeWallet Pro selected for Microsoft press demonstrations on the new Windows Mobile Palm Treo 700w Smartphone!

Developer One teams up with Spb Software House to offer bundle packages of Agenda Fusion and Spb Diary through select resellers, creating the most complete mobile time management package at a great price!  First availability through in Germany.

December 2005
Agenda Fusion 7.50 Now Available for Windows Mobile 5!
If you're looking for the best time management solution for your Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC, you've just found it.   See why so many users are switching from the competition... Easy to use, powerful, reliable.  When it comes to professional time management for everyone, Agenda Fusion is #1.  Download it today!  Ready for the coming Windows Mobile Palm Treo 700w!
CodeWallet Pro 2005 Desktop v5.50 is released!
Simply the best secure store-everything information management solution for your PC, Pocket PC and Smartphone.  The new Desktop Companion edition is better than ever and helps you manage all of your important information securely and with ease.
Learn more about CodeWallet Pro!
October 2005
See October 2005 Newsletter

CodeWallet Pro 2005 for Pocket PC and Smartphone updated to Version 5.31
Now also available for Pocket PC 2002 in addition to Pocket PC/Smartphone 2003 and Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC/Smartphone!

John, CEO of Developer One has written a great article in the November 2005 issue of Pocket PC Magazine that offers great tips on using your mobile device for more than just helping you stay organized.  This article has inspired many readers to contact us and share their stories! 

Preparing to launch Agenda Fusion for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC and the next update in the Agenda Fusion 7 series.

New update for CodeWallet Pro 2005 for Desktop PCs coming soon!  We expect this to be available in October.

Developer One moves into new offices.  It's been a bit chaotic, but we're finally getting use to our new location.
August 2005
We're working on enhancements for the new Windows Mobile 5 operating system for Pocket PC and Smartphone.  The plan is to complete our port of applications by November 2005.
June 23 2005
Developer One is awarded the Developer of the Year award for Pocket PC software at the Handango 2005 Summit!

CodeWallet Pro 2005 wins Best New Application in the Handango Champions Award Ceremony!
June 2005
We're working on more innovative ideas for enhancing CodeWallet Pro 2005 and Agenda Fusion 7.  We're committed to keeping these the best information management solutions to help you when you're on the go!
March 2005
New CodeWallet Pro 2005 is released for Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Smartphone and Desktop PCs!  Featuring the best improvements to CodeWallet Pro ever.
24 February 2005
Agenda Fusion 7 goes live!  The best Outlook style time management solution for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs gets even better.
Check out the new projects view!  Great performance improvements and more.
08 November 2004
Agenda Fusion 6.60 now online!
All-new Agenda Fusion IconSet 2 now available!  A great collection of icons to add to your calendar items!
Power Calendar selected as finalist in Microsoft's Mobile2Market Application Contest...
Team Developer One does the Ironman Triathlon!12 September 2004
Developer One staff competes in the Ironman Wisconsin 2004 Triathlon in Madison, Wisconsin USA.  John, Chad and Shane put their mental and physical training to the ultimate test in "one of the most grueling events in the world of sport, but also one of the most inspiring.  Ironman triathlons feature a 2.4 mile/4Km swim, 112 mile/180Km bike ride and a complete 26.2 mile/42Km marathon, all in succession."  I don't know about you, but just thinking about it is exhausting... 

John, Chad and Shane out on the bike having some 'fun'.
August 2004
Nearing completion of the next release of Agenda Fusion 6 with features that make it even better and easier for both first time and experienced users to get all they can from the power of Agenda Fusion.

Power Calendar v2.51 released with new features like pop-up date selectors, new compact editors to make item creation even easier, and the all-new Power Text feature which makes your Smartphone the most powerful and easiest way to enter new items into your schedule!
June/July 2004
Power Tasks
v1.95 now released for Windows Mobile Smartphone.
Featuring powerful new editing and organizing capabilities, faster access to contact information and much more!

Power Calendar for Smartphone wins the Best Business Application award for Smartphone in the Handango 2004 Software Awards!
02 April 2004
Developer One Releases Agenda Fusion 6 for Pocket PC!
Great new features in this product release and now
fully compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for VGA resolution displays and dynamic screen orientation changes.
22 March 2004
Developer One partners with Mind S.p.A. in Italy to include Agenda Fusion bundled with the E-TEN P300 and P700 Pocket PC in Italy.  Press Release (English)
"Mind S.p.A. offre a tutti gli acquirenti di palmari E-TEN italiani l'applicazione Agenda Fusion di Developer One" Press Release (Italian)

New Power Calendar for Smartphone
Time management on your phone made so much better!  Check it out and transform your Windows Mobile Smartphone into the best on the go time manage tool.
It's the perfect companion to our Power Tasks for Smartphone.


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Try iFitOne today and succeed with your diet and fitness goals!