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15 November 2007

Software News & Updates for your Windows Mobile device

New! Agenda One v2 Released!

Latest Updates!

Developer One is Celebrating 10 Years!

It's hard to believe that 10 years has passed, Wow! - and some of you early adopters have been with us for almost that long.

How many of you remember our first program, ClassPro for students?  Ah, yes the good old days.  A much simpler time.  Starting with just a few different models of black & white display devices that ran on 'AA' batteries to today's hundreds of different devices that pack a ton of technology into ever smaller packages.

Today it’s harder than ever to keep up with all of the new devices that seem to appear almost daily and a never ending list of new features.  Whew!  It's overwhelming for many of us, which is why we're happy that our goal has always been to help keep things easy.

Today, our newest release of Agenda One Version 2 runs on over 450 different Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 devices and is offered in 15 languages!   It's been a fun challenge working to deliver the absolute best user experience across this wide range of devices, but we think you'll love what we've done with Agenda One to help make your on-the-go life even simpler.

With next week being our U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, this is a perfect time to say thanks to every one of you.  We appreciate that you have chosen to use our software over the years.  Thanks for trusting us to help make your life easier.

Much appreciation to all for your feedback and ideas over the years.  You've helped make it a fun ride to the 10 year mark!   Stay tuned for more Anniversary fun in the December newsletter.

Now... Introducing Agenda One Version 2!
Don't forget to download your complimentary Agenda One Holiday Icon Pack!  (see below)

Agenda One for Windows Mobile - Time management that simply works.Agenda One for all Windows Mobile 5 & 6 Pocket PC & Smartphone

We're proud to announce that Agenda One recently won the title of
'Best Life Management Application'
in the 2007 Handango Champion Awards!



The best in mobile time and contact management
gets even better with Version 2!

You've told us you love how easy Agenda One is to use.  You said you wanted more features.

Version 2 is now even easier to use with powerful new features to help you better manage your life when you're on the go.

Try Agenda One and experience unparalleled ease-of-use that will make you more effective to get more done.  See all the details of what's new!

Compatible with ALL
Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices

"I’ve been a long-time user of Agenda Fusion and was simply shocked at how easy Agenda One is to use!  The templates feature is the one thing I can't live without and it works so nice in this new update!  Super job!" -William F.

Upgrade Specials available for owners of Agenda Fusion 7 or later and Agenda One. Upgrade info


Powerful features.  Amazingly ease to use.

Upgrade to Agenda One v2  Agenda One v2  Agenda One v2

New features in Agenda One Version 2
make it great for everyone:
  • Easy to use templates for quickly creating common appointments and tasks.
  • Associate and link your appointments, tasks and contacts with other contacts!
  • Finger-friendly features for touch screen devices.
  • Optimizations to speed navigation on non-touch screen devices.
  • Full support for all devices with single and dual keypads.
  • Faster, more robust contact searching features and improved navigation.
  • Quickly schedule a new appointment, meeting or task with a contact.
  • Now supporting over 15 languages!
  • Enhancements throughout focused on making it all easier for you!

Agenda One - Mobile Time Management made simple

Agenda One truly makes managing your time, contacts & tasks (your life!) effortless when
you're on the go.

"Finally! I tested several software for enhancing the native contacts, schedule and activity functions of my HTC smartphone and Agenda One beats them all." - Alex S.

Upgrade to Agenda One v2  Agenda One v2  Agenda One v2

There's something you will not find: Complexity.

Every new feature was carefully integrated into Agenda One with the number one goal of keeping Agenda One the easiest to use, simple and straightforward time management solution for you.  Version 2 details

New to Agenda One?
See what users are saying about Agenda One and try Agenda One today

You'll see what we mean when we say "It just works".  There's nothing quite like it.


New! DesignsByBert Agenda One Anniversary Icon Pack

An outstanding collection of over 150 great icons to enhance your Agenda One experience!

Quickly assign these icons to your categories within Agenda One and see your schedule, task and contact lists come to life! 

Ideal in the month view of Agenda One, quickly get an overview of your entire schedule represented by icons.

Icon Pack integrates directly into the Agenda One icon picker!

Agenda One v2

Add holiday style to your mobile schedule this season with these wonderful holiday themed icons for Agenda One, courtesy of our friends at DesignsByBert. 

Get into the holiday spirit, visit DesignsByBert today and download your copy.

Icons are optimized for great display quality on all Windows Mobile devices!


Download your copy of NewsMix today



Help us understand how you use your mobile device!
Help us better understand how you use your mobile device!

Just Mobile, a maker of great mobile device accessories has been generous in offering us an assortment of very classy pen/stylus combos and screen protectors.  We'll be randomly selecting 30 newsletter subscribers on November 30 to receive one of these nice accessories.

How to enter:  We've created a very simple checklist in your newsletter subscription profile to help us understand what features you use most often on your mobile, what device you're currently using and what you're looking for in the future.

To qualify for the drawing, please update your newsletter profile here

Helping us know which devices you use and how you use it will help us better serve you in the future, and when we release device-specific optimizations for our software, we would love to be able to tell you about it.

Thank you.  



Special Offer for our European customers

If you're in the market for an HTC Touch Dual, now is a great time! 

When you get your HTC Touch Dual from Handit, you'll receive the latest version of Developer One Agenda One pre-installed!

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Thank you!
-Your friends at Developer One Mobile Software
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