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 Diet and Fitness Tracking made easy on your mobile phoneiFitOne Get fit, have fun! 
The easiest to use Outlook calendar and contacts application for Windows Mobile!Agenda One * Best Seller *
The #1 Outlook enhancement for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC!Agenda Fusion 8
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 Let iFitOne help you succeed with your diet and fitness goals!iFitOne Fitness Tracker 
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Get Fit.  Start Today.
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iFitOne Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss tracking made easy for Windows Mobile - coming soon for iPhone!
Diet, fitness and weight loss
tracking made easy and fun!

Developer One was the Winner of the Handango 2005 Developer of the Year

Two-time winner!
Developer One was named
2008 and 2005
Handango Developer of the Year!
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Great applications for your iPhone
and iPod Touch!
Developer One is a Microsoft Certified Partner - Mobility Solutions Specialty
Agenda One for Windows Mobile - Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, your Life.

Agenda One for Windows Mobile - See why it's better (and easier) than Agendus, Pocket Informant, Papyrus and Extreme Agenda!

Agenda One for Windows Mobile (HTC Vox, T-Mobile Dash, iPaq, Motorola Q, Blackjack and more!)

Managing your busy life when you're on the go is easy with Agenda One.

Now it's even better.

Great Features in Version 2!
  • Even easier to use!
  • New Templates
  • Contact Linking
  • And so much more.  See below for the details!

Thanks to all of you that have submitted your comments, feedback and suggestions for Agenda One.

Through the series of Version 1.x releases, we've worked hard to further improve the ease of use, performance and feature set based on your great feedback.

With Version 2, we've focused on keeping Agenda One the easiest to use mobile time and contact management solution for your Windows Mobile device.

You'll find powerful new features and enhancements in Agenda One v2 that promise to deliver you an even better experience.

Agenda One.  Powerful and yet so Simple.  An unbeatable combination.

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Agenda One: Winner of the Best Life Management Software award!  The best mobile outlook solution for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone!

Upgrade to Agenda One v2

Kudos to the hundreds of users that participated in our Beta testing process for Agenda One v2.  The great help and feedback we received helped us address issues and make some great improvements to deliver an even better release.  Thank you!
Agenda One for Windows Mobile 5 & Windows Mobile 6
New Features in Version 2

Agenda One Version 2 combines award-winning ease of use with many great new features to help you do more and stay organized when you're on the go!

Great new features now available in the new Agenda One Version 2!

  • Support for Windows Mobile 6.5 / Windows Phone
    Launching on the Microsoft Mobile Marketplace in October 2009
  • Templates! (The most popular user request!)

    Powerful, yet incredibly easy-to-use templates are now available for creating Appointments and Tasks.

    Creating frequently used appointments and tasks is now easier and faster than ever.

    Set up your own customized templates for your most often used types of appointments and tasks. 
    When creating a new appointment or task, you'll be prompted to select a template and all of the information from your template will be automatically placed into your new item!

    Assign your own default durations, subjects, priorities, categories, etc. to your template and these settings will be applied to new items created from your templates.

    We've made creating and using templates so easy, you'll love it.

    Get more details about the new Templates feature in Agenda One

Easy to use Outlook appointment and task templates!

appointment template

task template


  • Additional Language Support
    We're now proud to offer more than 15 different languages of Agenda One.  We owe our thanks to many dedicated Agenda One users that offered their valuable assistance in making this additional language support possible, and for making Agenda One available to an even wider audience of users.

    Now supporting English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian (Nynorsk & Bokmal), Polish, Portuguese (Portugal & Brazil) Russian, Swedish, and Turkish.   Update: Now including Japanese


  • Contact View Search Performance Improvements
    We've worked to bring you even better performance when searching for contacts and the Version 2 update makes it better than ever!
  • Contact View Navigation Picker
    Pressing and holding the up/down navigation now presents you with a quick A-Z letter navigator which lets you quickly find contacts without using the stylus or entering the name of a contact.
    Combine this with Agenda One's smart contact key-search feature and you can quickly find your contacts no matter how you prefer to use your device.  Keyboard, stylus, navigation pad, you choose what works best for you.

  • Quickly Create Appointments and Tasks with Contacts from the Contact view
    Highlight a contact, then use the convenient new "Appointment with" or "Task with" feature and Agenda One will create the item and automatically insert the contact's name into the subject.  This feature will also create an automatic hyperlink to the contact from your new appointment or task, so that when you view the item, you can quickly jump to
    view the details of your contact person.
    The "New Meeting Request" will add the selected contact as an attendee to a new appointment.


  • SIM Contact Indicator in Contact View
    A SIM-card icon is now displayed alongside all of the contacts that are stored in your SIM card.
    For Windows Mobile 6 devices, you may optionally turn on/off the display of SIM contacts in your contact list.
  • Compressed-Mode Contact List
    When you prefer to see more contact names on the screen at once, simply turn on the one-line
    compressed mode option in the Contacts View.


  • Finger-friendly input screens
    For touch-screen devices, Agenda One features large-size finger-friendly keypads to help you quickly enter appointment times and reminders.

    Don't forget, you may also use the center/action button on your device to quickly advance the hours in 1-hour increments or the minutes by 15 minute increments in the time-selection screens.


  • Improved Category Picker
    Now you may quickly jump to a category in the category picker by pressing a letter on your keyboard or soft-keyboard.  This makes it much more convenient when selecting a category to assign to an item when you have a large list of categories.  This feature has also been applied to the Template Picker screen.  For example, in the screen below, pressing "M" will now automatically take you to the first category that has a name beginning with "M".

    We've further improved this to allow you to repeatedly press a key to further jump down the list to other matching categories.  This now works even better for devices with numeric keypads, where repeatedly pressing the "6/MNO" key will scroll you through the categories with names beginning with those letters/numbers.


  • Task View Navigation enhancement
    For those of you working with long task lists, you may now configure the actions assigned to the left/right navigation pad within the Tasks View to allow you to either page up, page down, complete/activate or change the priority of the selected task.


  • Contact Linking!
    Agenda One Version 2 now makes it easy to link a contact to one or more contacts within the Notes area of your Contacts.

    This screen capture displays the notes of Janice Hansdorfer, who has two associated contacts.  To view the note and jump to the linked contacts, from the Agenda One contact view, highlight a contact, then simply use the Menu > Note command.  Highlight and press the action button (or tap) on the hyperlink to view the linked contact!

    It's easy to add contact hyperlinks in Agenda One v2. 
    Learn how here!

New contact linking feature in Agenda One for Windows Mobile

Click the image to learn how to use the Contact linking
feature in Agenda One


  • Added support for text in Month View on non-VGA devices
    We've had quite a few requests to enable the display of text within the month view date boxes for non-VGA resolution devices.  There's limited space to show such information and still be readable.  We've worked on some optimizations to deliver a readable display, and we think you'll find the results are quite nice.  We're pleased to now be able offer this you display option.

Feature enhancements and issues resolved:

  • Hiding past appointments
    For some all-day items that extend multiple days, if they ended on today's date and you had the option to hide all past appointments, the previous days that included the appointment would not show the item.
  • Fix to appointment display for Softbank X02HT Smartphone
    Agenda One was previously unable to display appointments correctly on this specific device.  Thanks to those users that helped in confirming our fix for this issue.
  • Contact highlighting after creating a new contact
    After creating a new contact, Agenda One will now highlight the new contact when you return to the Contact list.
  • Task Filter / Completed Items
    The task filtering menu now displays the status of whether or not completed tasks are included in the current filter.
  • Task Filter / Undated Items
    Many of you have asked for a way to limit the tasks are displayed in the Task View not only by selecting a future range of days, but to also include or exclude undated items from your list at the same time.  This is now possible through the Task View Filter menu.
  • Contact Key-search on Samsung i600 with Windows Mobile 6
    Some unexpected differences on this device resulted in the Contact View key-search feature not working properly and should now be resolved.
  • Improved process for saving options
    Agenda One now better manages the saving of your options to prevent loss of settings on soft-reset, power-off.
  • Added tap/hold menus for touch-screen/Pocket PC devices
    We have added tap/hold edit menus to the Appointment/Task subject/location editors as well as the notes editing screens for users with touch-screen/Pocket PC devices.
  • Added compatibility for Palm Treo 500v Windows Mobile 6 Standard (Smartphone)
    Update to contact search feature to correctly perform searches when using the Palm Treo 500v.
  • Improved navigation in Contact View to switch to Picture Bar
    To allow easier access to the picture bar in the Contacts view using the navigation pad and the picture bar is displayed at the top of the screen, you may now use the Left navigation pad to jump to the picture bar.  Previously this required scrolling to the top of your contact list or tapping on the picture bar.
  • Added compatibility and even better functionality for Verizon/Samsung SGH-i760
    We've made Agenda One not only compatible with this great new device, the Agenda One contact view lets you quickly search using the slide-out QWERTY keyboard or the numeric keypad.  (You can't do that with the built-in Contacts application on this device!)
  • Added compatibility for T-Mobile Shadow
    In addition to working to make sure Agenda One works with many of the latest devices, we've made some great changes that will let Agenda One better detect the special features of the latest devices make use of them where possible.
  • Scroll-through navigation in options screens and editors
    You may now scroll off the end of the options lists to return back to the top.  Many have asked for this to provide a convenient way to quickly get to the bottom of an options screen, which you may also do by scrolling up and off the screen with the navigation pad.
  • TIP
    It's come to our attention that many of you may have not known about the ability to use the left/right navigation key when you're in an options screen to change the option setting.

    When changing a setting, for many of the options you may simply use left/right to scroll through the available option settings.  If the option requires opening another screen, it will automatically open a new screen from which you may enter or select the desired option.

Our sincere thanks to those that have let us know what features are important to you, and for the great feedback and comments and help that we received during the Version 2 beta test!

Upgrade to Agenda One v2 


Mobile Updates
Find out about the latest updates right from your device.  Once you've registered Agenda One, you can use the "Check for Updates" feature from the "About" screen to download and install the latest update!



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