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 Let iFitOne help you succeed with your diet and fitness goals!iFitOne Fitness Tracker 
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Get Fit.  Start Today.
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iFitOne Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss tracking made easy for Windows Mobile - coming soon for iPhone!
Diet, fitness and weight loss
tracking made easy and fun!

Developer One was the Winner of the Handango 2005 Developer of the Year

Two-time winner!
Developer One was named
2008 and 2005
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Developer One is a Microsoft Certified Partner - Mobility Solutions Specialty
Agenda One for Windows Mobile - Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, your Life.

Developer One Agenda One
Reviews, Awards, Comments and Your Feedback

Try Agenda One on your Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PC/Smartphone today.  You'll immediately see how easy it can be to keep yourself organized when you're on the go.

Thank you to all of our users and those that have reviewed Agenda One for your valuable feedback.  Share your comments!

See what's great in Version 2!

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14 February 2009
"Thank you for the fast turnaround on my question.  I have been back and forth with some of your competitors products and finally gave up on them.  I had just purchased a new Samsung Saga (i770) and Agenda One was the only one of all that I tried that worked properly with the new mouse pointer feature on this device.  Not that it simply worked, I realized quickly how much better yours was.  Thanks for real support and a great product!" -Johnathan C

11 December 2008
"Something tells me that you are one of the few companies that really cares about your customers.  I always receive a quick and friendly reply to my questions.  Thanks again for helping resolve my issue!" - Mark M

15 April 2008
"Thanks for such a prompt response!  All the best and well done for having such an awesome piece of software. It is in fact the clean, professional but simple look and feel that first attracted me to it." - Mandla N

6 January 2008
"I have to give you some feedback on Agenda One. I recently purchased Agenda One for my Pocket PC and think this product is a home run. It substantially enhances the Windows Mobile 6 offering and yet keeps everything very straightforward and neat. I tried a popular competing product, but found it cluttered and hard to tried to cram way to much information at one time and ultimately just created noise. Agenda One is great!" - David S

25 November 2007
"I just got the v2 A1... I echo everyone else's comments. Very nice.
What is very impressive is that many of the important changes seem to be almost hidden--I really had to look for them. What I mean is that it is impressive how much functionality was improved without the changes causing software bloat or major interface changes--the added functionality is very unobtrusive, yet very useful. You folks really did your homework. :)" - Steve

13 November 2007
"Great job on the Version 2 update!  I purchased a T-Mobile Shadow last week and installed Agenda One.  What you had in the previous version was great, but the items you added to v2 make this so much better!  I'm really loving the templates feature, so thanks again!"  - Kelley G

13 November 2007
"...Agenda One is definitely better. The data entry is better, and the ability to have it swap between being the default application and not (without re-installing) is VERY cool, and it is FAR more customizable. That's a very long winded way of saying that you have done an excellent job and produced an excellent program." - Dana L

1 November 2007
"I already have Agenda One on my Dash and let me say that I love it. I have recommended it on the website. I had tried others, but this one is the best." - Chou F

7 October 2007
"I'm giving you guys (and girls) 10 out of 10 on Agenda One!  While I've been quite happy with my new HTC Touch phone, about the only area in which I thought it needed some real improvement was in the calendar application, it was just too limited.  One of my clients who also had a Windows phone told me about your software and now I really love my Touch!  I keep a pretty busy schedule and Agenda One really helps me handle it much easier.  I'm happy to keep passing the word around and looking forward to version 2!" - Randy E  see what we're working on for Version 2...

October 2007
"First of all, thank you very much for taking the time to look at my case specifically.  It says a lot about your company, and where your customers stand in your eyes. I will continue to promote this application to everyone with the capability to have it.  I know that I am responsible for at least 4 or 5 accounts thus far. This application is responsible for my life. With school, work, and being able balance my life, I wouldn't be anywhere on time, or at all if I didn't have Agenda One."

28 September 2007 - More Great Feedback!
"The judges at Handango sure made the right decision.   I swear by Agenda One -- I just love it. Let me add my congrats for a product well thought through and well executed. ;-)" - Bernd

26 September 2007
Winner!  Best Life Management Application 2007!

We're proud to announce that Agenda One was voted as the
Best Life Management Application for Windows Mobile Smartphone at the 2007 Handango Champion Awards ceremony in San Diego, California!

The annual Handango Developers Summit brings together the top mobile software developers from around the world to discuss everything mobile.  Judges from across the mobile industry made their picks for the best solutions available and we're excited that Agenda One was awarded this coveted title.  Experience Agenda One and download your free trial today.

20 September 2007 - Handango customer rating: 5 out of 5!
"Great!  Easy to use and functions very well. it's not complicated and has all the desired options, not more, not less. and support answers in the course of the day." - Christian B / Paris

13 September 2007 - Starbucks, strangers and Agenda One...
"I received a Moto Q about 2 months ago as a gift. I hate the name/address/contact layout, etc. that comes with this smartphone.  While having a coffee at Starbucks, a stranger told me about Xtreme and Agenda One, I downloaded them both from one of the websites and as I am new to this kind of thing, I opened up Xtreme Agenda. Boy, was it awful.  No color, hard to work, etc. Then when I mentioned it to one of the techs at Verizon, he said, "Why didn't you just use Agenda One?" - Howard C

10 September 2007 - Handango Customer rating 5 out of 5
"Best Software to organize your life better.  I tried others but this is the best. I use it with my HTC touch, and my life is better already.  A must have for all those who want to organize their life better or those who are just poor at time management and forget a lot." - Azhar from Ireland

September 2007 - Handango Customer rating 5 out of 5
"The best!  Great program.  At last one that runs at once without troubles.  Easy to use with a full range of options.  Many companies should use Agenda One as a model." - Christian from Paris, France

September 2007 - Agenda One nominated for Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine's Best Software Awards
Thanks to everyone for their great feedback, comments and recommendations of Agenda One!  We're excited to be in the running for the best software for Windows Mobile devices!

July 2007 - "My wife and I have not taken a vacation in nearly 4-years. Our entire trip is on My Axim X51v PPC and Dash Smartphone, so every stop, appointment, confirmation number, etc.. on my smartphone is being supported by Agenda One.  it is well done and overall a great product." - Craig S

June 2007 - "I was using another PIM for about 3 or 4 months and was never happy with it, especially the tasks page.  It only allowed a once a day alert and that was only in the morning I couldn't set an alert at the time that I needed to be reminded.  I downloaded a trial version of Agenda One and was hooked in about a week.  5 days and I purchased both Agenda One and CodeWallet Pro 6 and I intend to buy the desktop version of CodeWallet Pro in the near future.  I think that this software is that good.  I don't know how I ever used my smart phone without it.   Try a trial version if your thinking about purchasing this software.   Customer service @ Developer One is also one of the best that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with."  - Gordon G

7 May 2007 - Agenda One is very intuitive application for organizing of your life. Is much better than default integrated PIM programs in the Windows Mobile. Its fully customizable, and also have Czech interface. Works with the same data as default PIM applications, you can synchronize it with personal computer. For me, Agenda One is number one, its piece of software, that you must have in your Smartphone or Pocket PC. Great Work!" - Martin äimon of

16 May 2007 "Agenda One has everything, and is tremendously simple"
See the video review (in Spanish) at!

"Hi Just to say that your latest product is AWESOME, absolutely brilliant, so simple to use, does everything it says. Really impressed!" - Marzena B

PDA Essentials & GPS Advisor Magazine"Agenda One is an impressive yet surprisingly easy to use personal information management solution that has the power to really enhance your mobile time management skills... unlike many other time management solutions, it's easy to use." - PDA Essentials Magazine UK (Issue 61 - June 2007)
View featured article

"Finally!  I tested several software for enhancing the native contacts, schedule and activity functions of my HTC smartphone and Agenda One beats them all." - Alex/Germany

"Oh man I just found the New Contact Call Log feature and all I can say is SWEET!!
Your program hit the market with the easiest and most important feature set of any WM5 PIM out there. Your upgrade strategy is strong, focused and best of all easy for us the user.  You guys rock.  Keep up the good work." - Developer One Forums Member

"First, I want to say that Agenda One is just great! It is, by far, the best calendar and task list I've even seen (and I've used several)."
- Bruce A

"I am now very impressed with Agenda One. My appointment invites actually email now, this is fantastic! This is just one of many features. It is programs like this that really pushes Motorola Q over the top!:) The interface is great, the color, the options. Did I mention options? The icons are great."
- G. L.

"Thanks for your quick answers to my questions.  This is exactly what I've been looking for.  As a long time user of Agendus for my Palm Treo 650, I was excited to try their new agendus for Smartphones, only to find it near impossible to actually use on my cingular blackjack.  Agenda One has really made everything so easy to use and your friendly response to my questions cinched the deal.  Thanks so much!" - Joel N

Top Rated in Germany's Pocket PC Magazin Review of Agenda One in the January 2007 Issue!




"I had to let you know, the new call log feature is amazing!  This is THE ideal business feature and so senseful!  I emailed one of my call logs to my boss to show him that we could use this as a great way to help do billing for our law firm, he almost fell out of his chair when he saw it!  Needless to say, I will be mentioning this to everyone!"
- Robin E

"This seriously has to one of the best pieces of software I have ever used on any platform. All the others PIM replacements I tried were just too bloated and complicated to use on a daily basis. I want to quickly and easily review and enter data, without having to jump through annoying hoops. With Agenda One I can.

It is quick, remarkably easy to navigate (one handed as well !), with a clear, attractive and uncluttered user interface. More useful than the built in Calendar and Tasks... Developer is very responsive to suggestions as well. Most highly recommended."
- Ian B

"Firstly, I'd just like to say that Agenda One really is a must have product for a pda phone. After just one day of using your trial I purchased it, one of the few programs I can say this for. I've also recommended it to my friends and father."
- Patrick H

"Wow. What an excellent product. I have been in the software industry for close to 30 years and rarely do you find a product with such an excellent user interface design. In fact I have used your product as an example to my team of great interface design in a constrained environment.
Thanks again for an excellent product."
- Irv S

"A thing of beauty! I'd like to say how wonderful it is to see a piece of software which is simple in operation, powerful in implementation, and attractive in appearance.   The work you have done to make Agenda One operate well with the D-Pad/Jog-Wheel makes life so much easier.
I really like the way you have implemented category colours as well, so that a bar shows next to the appointment in the Today view. Much nicer than colouring the entire background of the appointment."
- Ian B

"This wonderful piece of software has soul and heart. As a long time user of Agenda Fusion, I find the new Agenda One absolutely perfect for just the basic day to day info that I need without a complicated interface.  Thanks for developing simple, easy to use software for the 'everyman'. "
- Jason T

"I got the 8525, downloaded your Agenda One...  The speed to access contacts is great with my 5900 contact database!!"
- Ron N

"Thanks for the fast response.  BTW, I'm running A1 on my new Cingular Blackjack phone, and I tell you this is what should be coming with it in the first place!  I showed this to the sales team at my office and well, I think you'll have some more new customers shortly.  I'm loving this!  The theme downloads are super too!  Thanks again!"
- Tara R

"Today I bought Agenda One for my Qtek 8300 and upgraded the trial version to the latest 1.0.3581. I have 2300 contacts and the latest version is very fast indeed!  Thanks!"
- Fred R

"Iíve been using Agenda One for a few weeks now. And I can say it works like a charm and itís a pleasure to work with! Itís different than all other agenda apps. I can use it all with my keyboard. It has a nice layout when viewing items but when youíre in edit mode, itís straight to the point. No unnecessary fields to navigate thru, just what you need at that moment. It has a logical menu structure so itís easy to navigate and find the function you need. Iíve won the first version as a price. To be honest I did not expect to love the program so much as I do now.
Just want to let you all know you did a great job with this app.   By the way, the update feature rocks!"
- David W

"Thank you for all the hard work. The product is great!!"
- Joseph G

"I have been a power user of Developer One's Agenda Fusion for years and still think it is one of the best calendar programs around. I recently purchased a new device that required me to upgrade from Agenda Fusion 4 to version 8. (The older version was not compatible with Windows Mobile 5.) The new software ran slow on my new device so I wrote to Developer One. They were prompt with their replies and suggestions. I still wasn't satisfied with the way the new software was running on my device so they suggested I try Agenda One. It works wonderfully and has almost made me forget how much I loved the original Agenda Fusion 4. Thanks Developer One for all your help and for such great software."
- Gary R

"WWOWW!!  Finally a top-shelf program for "Q" that competes with the stuff available for Palm.
Very Nice - I'll be upgrading this weekend.  Thank you for your suggestion."
- Peter W

One line summary: "Best PIM for MS converged device yet!"
"I have tried all of the PIM applications for Microsoft OS Smartphones and this combines the best features in the simple package we all were waiting for. About time! Now I can actually enter a new meeting in seconds rather than scroll through mundane menus, Thanks!!! BTW using it on the Blackjack and it ROCKS! here's a tip.. the Samsung home page only brings you to the default apps in the Cingular Blackjack, use the Cingular or windows homescreen and you will be able to use Agenda One as the default application for tasks, contacts, etc. oh almost forgot, the support is ..well.. like family!!"
- Shawn B

"I just saw Agenda One available for purchase on and bought it. The over the air upgrade feature is fantastic. Works great on my T-Mobile SDA. I wish all smartphone software products had this feature."
- Developer One Forums Member

"I'm 100% in love with your products and your awesome response to the community here."
- Brian H

Rating: 5 out of 5
One line summary: "Absolutely amazing"
"Perfect product, and developers are very quick to fix bugs and add functionality. 5 stars, no question."
- Stuart

"Congratulations. This is the program that all of us needed! It is the first big revolution (the transition of the touch screen for the one hand) what allows and it makes possible the speed in the obtaining of data and the speed in the work.
Developer One is in the first line of that revolution as it was when it put pictures in our addresses. Developer One understood that it was not viable the pointer use in a world of smartphones and hybrid of pdas. It is not practical, it is not intuitive and the ergonomics of the use with one hand, took million to the Treos and the similar ones."
- Developer One Forums Member

Rating: 5 out of 5
One line summary: "Brilliant! The Best PIM on the Market!"
"What's the problem with lots of the Pocket PC PIM's on the market? Well, you can do so many things to your tasks, you spend your life organising your lists, rather than acting on them.   Agenda One recognises that the point of a PIM is to present data quickly and comprehensively. And that in order to be more efficient than paper, you have to be able to get information into/out of it quickly!
It's fast, looks great, is powerful enough to manage complex task lists, and is amazingly easy to use. Perfect!
- Dan S

"This is by far and away the best PIM app I have tried so far for windows mobile and I hope my review reflects this fact.
I was really struggling before using this app to find a decent PIM replacement app, specifically one that handles appointment making and tasking, but this has restored my faith in windows mobile as I felt this was an area where available apps were well below the standard set by their palm counterparts. Agenda One is good and is worth checking out if you want this type of app."
- Murray A (Palm-Mac)
See Review

"I hope you guys are proud of A1 (this is literally the best mobile app Iíve used in a LONG, LONG history of devices and apps)Ö keep up the regular updates and hard work!!!"
- Rod W

"I am using a trial version of Agenda One and both my wife and I love it!! We will be buying the program! You guys really know how to make a great calendaring program. I was wondering if you had a product that would resolve our question? Just as an aside, I was about to send my phones back because the calendaring program that the smart phones came with was sooooo bad. I tried several programs and found that this one was intuitive and easy to use especially for a middle aged dummy like me."
- Rodney H

"After installing and trying AO, I have to say that my first impression is: Bullseye, and several thumbs up!"
- Knut G

"I'm actually using this on a T-Mobile Dash. the more i play w/ it the more I like it. the entire app just has a VERY well made feel to it. the search feature really kicks a$$ too. everything seems SUPER easy to do w/ one hand so far (which i really like). hell you can even update the app FROM YOUR PHONE (we've had this "feature" in apps on our PC for so long now I'm spoiled by it and happy to see it finally making its way to WM).
PS - the "month" view looks great on the Dash and has a really cool "preview" section to the right of the calendar. if you highlight a day you see the appts/tasks over there... i have to admit this is the first time I've ever seen a month view that i thought was actually useful (ever). you'll like this view me thinks.
Honestly the more I play with this the more I like it... 
- Zilla / Developer One Forums Member

"I had installed for a couple of hours on my T-Mo Dash... The interface is great, graphics is awesome, love it. I thought it is quite fast for a program with such rich features."
- SuperFreak

"Well I plunked down my hard earned cash and bought Agenda One. Why? I think it's the best PIM out there for the smartphone but what really has impressed me is the communication from devone on this forum and the over the air update feature. Great program."
- Crispeto

"Wow. Just Wow. Now I'm Ruined...
... for every other PIM that I've grown to love.

Before I start, you have my permission to quote any of this message.
This is hands down, the ABSOLUTE BEST PIM EVER CREATED for mobile devices. Period. Hats off to you and your team John; this thing is awesome.

I'm glad you guys worked on this one as long as you have, taking the best parts of Agenda Fusion and making them better.  I haven't done any benchmarking, but I can already tell that it is faster. I have an ... extensive ... calendar, and speed is everything to me. 

If you don't believe me, take it from my wife. She could basically care less about mobile devices, and she doesn't see them as a vital part of her life. On her very first glance at the Today View she said, "Whoa." <quiet pause> "Is it going to look like that on mine?" How come you guys get the enthusiastic reception and I get the rolled eyes?

I am astounded already."
- Kelvin M

"Thank you so much! I've been using PPC's since the first iPAQ's came out now there is more devices than can be counted and the newer operating systems are making having a device not just a luxury but making things so productive for us it's unreal. (I'm a little obsessed w/ them so I'll stop there)

It is veryyyy obvious the time put into program as it loads flawlessly and the features are spot on and the GUI is again the best I have ever seen! I've seen so many apps that have great features but are so *cough* ugly I can't use them!"
- Doreen C

Czech Language review of Agenda One on by Pavel Bureö.  Click here for the review and to see a nice collection of screen shots!


"The first impression: Agenda One fulfills the requirements even raised - it is fast, expressed easily applicably and convenient, finely, uncommonly easily and intuitively configurable and works substantially slimmer and more elegantly in application than the PIM Suites established at present."  Read review at Windows Mobile User Group (German language)

"I would like to thank you guys for a great piece of work.  Of every calendar application that I have used since my first iPaq back in 2000/2001, Agenda One really balances features and ease of use far better than anything.  It seems like such a no-brainer that everyone should have this on their Pocket PC.  Looking forward to more great stuff from you!  I hope you have a happy holiday!"
- Trevor P

When you're looking for a solution to help you manage your time and contacts when you're on the go, Agenda One stands alone as the easiest to use solution for all Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 devices.  If you're currently using another solution, give Agenda One a try today and see for yourself just how much easier Agenda One is to use.  Great features, without the hassle.

Previously using Agendus on your Palm OS device and thinking of upgrading to the Windows Mobile version?  You may want to think again.  If you want an application that's easy to use, you'll find Agenda One is the best choice. Read more..



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