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iFitOne Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss tracking made easy for Windows Mobile - coming soon for iPhone!
Diet, fitness and weight loss
tracking made easy and fun!

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Agenda One for Windows Mobile - Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, your Life.

Agenda One for Windows Mobile - See why it's better (and easier) than Agendus, Pocket Informant, Papyrus and Extreme Agenda!

Agenda One for Windows Mobile (HTC Vox, T-Mobile Dash, iPaq, Motorola Q, Blackjack and more!)

Agenda One Version History,
Feature Additions & Prior Downloads

The launch of Agenda One has been the most successful in Developer One history.

No matter which Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device you're using, you'll find Agenda One to be the most friendly time management solution ever created.  For both touch screen and non touch screen devices, Agenda One is so easy to use.

We thank all of our customers for their great feedback in helping make Agenda One the best choice for mobile time management.

Tip: Use the 'Check for Updates' feature from the Agenda One 'About' screen to find out about the latest update at any time and immediately download to your device!

If you've experienced any issue with Agenda One or believe that it may not be behaving quite the way you expect it to, please check here for the details on the latest updates.

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Agenda One for Windows Mobile 5 &
Windows Mobile 6.x
including Windows Phone (Windows Mobile 6.5)

Update Notes & Details

September 2009
  • Currently working on update for Version 2.5, supporting Windows Mobile 6.5, performance enhancements and testing new features for Version 3, all new ways of organizing your information, making it even better than anything you've ever seen!
27 January 2009
Installer  CAB

  • Thanks to the feedback of many users on the last update, we further expanded the enhancements for touch/swipe actions for navigating the Month and Week views.

    If using a touch screen device, you may now tap and swipe up or down in the Month or Week views to go forward/back a month or week respectively.

    Thanks again to all that responded positively on the last update!
26 January 2009
Installer  CAB
  • Improvements for newer touch screen devices like HTC Touch HD that have no navigation pad and require stylus/finger use for all interaction with applications.   This includes: Stylus/finger scrolling added to Contacts view, Tasks view, Today and Agenda views.  This allows you to use stylus or finger to tap and drag to scroll the list rather than having to specifically tap/drag the scroll bar on the display. 
  • This update also enhances the contact picture bar for touch screen devices without a navigation pad.  Prior to this release, on such devices there was no way to scroll the pictures in the picture bar.  To scroll, simply tap and drag to scroll the list of your contact pictures.
20 May 2008
Installer  CAB

If you already have Agenda One installed, you may use the 'Check for Updates' feature from the Agenda One 'About' screen to download this latest update. 

  • Enhanced the time entry screen to further simplify appointment creation.

    When entering the time for an appointment, the time editor will automatically jump the entry focus to the minutes field once you've completed entering the hours (when using a keyboard/keypad or on-screen keyboard)
  • Accessing the Exchange Contacts Company Directory / Global Address List (GAL) from Agenda OneAdded the ability to access Exchange Server company contacts (Global Address List/GAL) from within Agenda One Contact View.  Use Menu > More > Company Directory.  Then select Company Directory and enter the name/email of the person within your organization you are looking for. 

    Once it finds a list of your company contacts, highlight the contact, then:

    If you wish to add the contact to your contacts list on your device, use Menu > Add to Contacts.

    If you wish to simply access the contact information to make a call or send an email, use Menu > View Contact.

    Note: Menu items shown in this screen shot may differ from the items listed on your device.
  • MoDaCo AppToDate (Thanks to Paul)Added support for MoDaCo's AppToDate application.

    AppToDate is a new application for your Windows Mobile device that essentially gives you one convenient way to find out about updates for all of your favorite applications!  Download the CAB file here, copy it directly to your device and run it to install.  (iFitOne and Agenda One now support the AppToDate update solution)  For more details, you may wish to visit their forums.
  • We've worked closely with several users who were still reporting the occasional loss of Agenda One user settings on the Motorola Q/Q9 devices.  This update has been tested internally and confirmed with these users to have solved the issue.  Should you continue to experience this type of issue, please let us know.
  • Small corrections to application text for several languages including German, Dutch and Italian.
18 February 2008
Installer  CAB
This update includes an additional change to help resolve what appears to be a file system related issue that we have observed with the Motorola Q/Q9 devices when reading/saving the options file and Agenda One is installed to a memory card.
05 February 2008
Installer  CAB
  • Correction to fix issue with attendees when copying item
    When copying an appointment that had attendees assigned, the newly created copy of the appointment would not include the entire list of attendees from the original appointment.
  • Conflict indicator behavior change
    When you have appointments that are in conflict with one another, a double-arrow icon will display to indicate this fact.  This update changes the behavior of this slightly and will now no longer consider an appointment that is marked with a "Free" status as being in conflict with another appointment.
  • Better handling of navigation in Month view on touch screen devices
    When using the next/previous arrow buttons on Windows Mobile touch screen devices, the next or previous month would not always come entirely into view.  Previously, it would jump from the current day in the month to that same day in the next/previous month, but would not always scroll the entire new month into view.
  • Update for keypad processing on Samsung SGH-i760
    Correction to a bug that affected how the numeric keypad on the Samsung i760 would be recognized when doing a contact search.
  • Update to address issue of having Agenda One installed on memory card, specifically for Motorola Q/Q9
    As has been reported by users of Agenda One on the Motorola Q/Q9, when Agenda One is installed to a storage card, the operating/file system is generating an error when Agenda One starts up and tries to read the options data from the Agenda One folder (on the storage card).  This update works to resolve this issue, and has proven successful during in-house testing.  If this issue continues to affect you, please contact us.
16 January 2008
Installer  CAB
  • Improvements to appointment and task copy command
    When you select "Create Copy" from the "More" menu for a highlighted appointment or task, you will now be immediately taken to the appropriate editor to allow you to easily change the date/time of the copy of your item.
    Within the editor, the cursor will be placed directly at the starting date to allow you to quickly make any changes before saving the copy of your item.

    You will also see that the title of the editing screen reflects the fact that you are editing a copy of that item.  i.e. you will see 'Edit Appointment (Copy)' or 'Edit Task (Copy)' to let you know that the changes you are making will be applied to the copy of that particular item.
  • Smarter handling of timeline category coloring
    If you have multiple categories assigned to an appointment and only one of those categories has a color assigned to it, Agenda One will now display the used timeslot in the timeline according to the first category color that it finds for the appointment.
  • Contact picture bar now allows endless scrolling
    For those of you with many pictures assigned to your contacts, Agenda One will now allow you to scroll "off the ends" of the contact picturebar.  This allows quickly scrolling back to the beginning or end of your contact pictures by scrolling off the end of the list.
  • Fix to strikeout font display for past appointments
    If you have the option to display past appointments on today's date with the strikeout font setting, this will now work properly when using compressed display mode in the Agenda or Today views.  This also corrects the issue for the week and month preview displays.
  • Added quick category assignment command
    From the Tasks, Today and Agenda views, you may now more quickly organize and assign categories by using Menu > More > Assign Category to change the categories assigned to the currently selected appointment or task item.
  • Fix refresh issue for views not currently active in the view picker.
    For example, let's say you have chosen the options to only have Tasks, Contacts and Month as your active views in the Agenda One view picker.  You go to the Today view by selecting a day in the Month view; any changes made from that view were not immediately refreshing the information in that view.  This should now be resolved.

    Thanks go to all of our Agenda One users that continue to provide us with great ideas to further help improve the product.   We're trying to keep all of the features in Agenda One as simple as possible without ever getting in the way of letting you quickly get things done.
9 January 2008
Installer  CAB

A great new update for the New Year!

  • NEW! Category coloring in timelines
    More and more Agenda One users have been requesting the capability to color the timeline slots according to the colors you have assigned to categories and we're pleased to offer this in the latest update to Agenda One.

    You'll find this new option available from Menu > Options > All Options > Calendar Settings > Timeline Options.


  • New support for larger fonts in the appointment and task editors
    Users of touch screen devices have been requesting a more finger friendly way of navigating within the Agenda One appointment and task editors.   The default font size makes this a little difficult, so we've added an option for you to let you change the size of the text font used in the editor screens.  (This can also helps out those of you that haven't had your eyes checked in a while) :)

    You may access this from the Menu > Options > All Options > Global Settings > "Editor text size" option.

Agenda One editor with normal size font

Agenda One editor with a larger
more finger/tap-friendly size font.

  • Month View Icons
    Resolved a bug with icons in the month view.  If more than one of the same category icon was to be displayed, it would always be shown in 'grouped icon' mode, where only one icon representing the category would be displayed.
  • Editing Recurring Item Reminders
    Corrected an issue that was preventing users from editing the reminder time when editing a single instance of a recurring appointment item.
  • Setting Agenda One as default application (or not)
    Previously, when changing the options to have Agenda One be the default application for Calendar, Tasks or Contacts, when setting one of these to be "No", it would automatically set all of these three options to "No".  This has been resolved.
  • Internal updates
    Further efforts have been made to reduce the memory requirements of Agenda One while running.


12 December 2007
Installer  CAB
  • Updated to allow entry of three numbers when editing the duration of an appointment or appointment template.  This allows the entry of up to 999 minutes/hours for the duration of an item.  This was previously allowed using the up/down arrows or action key to increment the time, but entering this value using the keyboard would limit the user to entering two digits only.
  • Update to task processing to improve speed of sorting long lists of tasks.
06 December 2007
Installer  CAB
  • Updated the message that is displayed when Agenda One is loading your contacts.  Rather than displaying the "no items" which is not entirely accurate (when you do have contacts), the message is now more appropriate in the scenario when Agenda One may be taking a moment to load your items.
  • Correction in Task View.  When using the filtering option of "No Categories" (meaning to display only items with no categories assigned to them), the Task View may have previously also displayed task items that did have one or more categories assigned to them.
  • Time based filtering: Changed the range of time filtering from 0:00 - 0:00 (12:00 AM to 12:00 AM) to 0:00 - 23:59 (12:00 AM - 11:59 PM) to eliminate possible confusion when selecting a time filtering range that you would like to apply to the entire day.
  • For touch-screen devices, added tap/drag/scroll to Contact view.  This is only a first take at this feature.  We do plan to completely optimize this to deliver a more elegant scrolling experience like that found on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
30 November 2007
Installer  CAB

  • Added user selectable default appointment duration.
    Options > All Options > Global Settings > "Appointment Duration" allows you to set default appointment duration for new items when not using a template.
  • Past appointment items on today's date may now be displayed in "strikeout" format.
    Options > All Options > Calendar Settings > "Past Appointments Today", now allows "Strikeout" option in addition to previous Show and Hide settings.
  • Fixed installation for Simplified Chinese language files
  • For Windows Mobile 5 devices, fixed SIM contact display issue.  You will now find the option to show/hide contacts from your SIM card in the Contacts view Menu > Options.
  • Templates: Updated to allow you to select a default duration for your custom appointment templates up to 999 minutes.  This addresses the previous concern of not being able to setup a template with a default duration of 2.5 hours for example.
  • Allow Search View to accept one or more letters.  Previously a warning would be displayed if the search was less than three letters.  This better accommodates searches for Asian language users.
  • Templates: Added a '<none>' entry as the first item in your templates list.  This allows quickly bypassing templates when creating a new item if you do not wish to use a template.  Right soft-key 'None' command is still available.  This is only relevant if you set up templates.
  • Improved task loading in Month view to insure that tasks would be properly displayed for all days in current and previous/next months on startup of Agenda One.
  • Removed 20-item limitation in your appointment and task subject "favorites" list.
  • Addressed issue with 'Back' key for Smartphones not going to previous view when in Search View.
21 November 2007
Installer  CAB
  • Added support for Motorola Q9 keyboard shortcut keys for Calendar and Contacts so that these may be used to open their respective views in Agenda One.
  • Added Simplified Chinese language support
  • Fixed the usage of appointment templates that had a 'no reminder' preference.  Previously, creating a new appointment with a template with no reminder would create the new item with a reminder at 0 minutes before the start time.
Version 2 Release

November 2007
Installer  CAB

** New Version 2 Release! **

Get all the details of this great new release of Agenda One.  Compatible with more devices, more powerful and easier to use than ever.  Get the details here

04 September 2007
Installer  CAB
  • Improved keyboard handing for many of the newer Windows Mobile 6 devices with different keyboard/keypad configurations.
  • Updates to many of the supported languages
18 July 2007
Installer  CAB
  • Agenda One now has the option of automatically checking every day for updates rather than the previous time periods: Off, 7, 14, 30, 60, or 90 Days.  This is found under Global Settings -> Check for Updates.
06 July 2007
Installer  CAB
  • New Feature: Agenda One now offers Automatic update checking.  You may opt to have Agenda One automatically check for version updates at one of the following time periods: Off, 7, 14, 30, 60, or 90 Days.  This is found under Global Settings -> Check for Updates.


When a new version is available for download, an icon of a person with a mobile device will be displayed in the view picker as shown above. When the icon is selected, Agenda One will attempt to download and install the new version. By default the setting is “Off”.

  • New Feature: Compressed Mode in the Agenda View now has three settings, Yes, Yes All, and No. When "Yes" is selected, your past items and completed tasks are automatically shown in compressed mode as shown in the image below:

When "Yes All" is selected, all of your Appointments and Tasks are displayed in compressed mode.

  • Resolved issue with New Item Reminders for All Day Events.  Previously, the default setting was not always used.
18 June 2007
Installer  CAB
  • Update to correct display of appointments on Qtek 8500.
15 June 2007
Installer  CAB
  • Update for select Windows Mobile 6 devices
  • Resolved issue that was isolated to the Dopod C730 where appointments would not be displayed.  This issue apparently also affected other 3rd party calendar applications.  Thanks to those users that helped us work through this particular issue.
11 June 2007
Installer  CAB
  • Update to Russian and Greek character handling.
  • Fixed an issue where inserting a contact name in an appointment or task may not properly work from a Today or Home Screen plug in.
4 June 2007
  • Corrected problem in "Global Settings" where "Apply Filter to new items" could not be removed.
  • Resolved issue that would sometimes prevent Contact Notes from saving. 
31 May 2007
  • Contact view performance enhancements.  The speed of loading very large contact lists has been further improved.  While overall performance of Agenda One in this area has been considered very good, we're always looking for ways to help make the application even more quick to respond to your actions.
30 May 2007
  • Update to Contact searching feature to work better on Windows Mobile 6 devices.   This also addresses an issue introduced in the last release that prevented some of the letter keys from working properly on landscape orientation Smartphones like the Motorola Q, Samsung Blackjack, T-Mobile Dash, HTC S620.
  • Further optimizations for Windows Mobile 6 devices with QWERTY keyboards to allow shared letter/number keys to work effortlessly for finding contacts within the Agenda One contact view.
  • Corrected issue on HTC Vox/S710 for view picker navigation as well as fixed behavior in the appointment and task time and reminder settings screens when using the navigation pad to change entry fields.
  • Processing of the zero '0' key for searching within a contact name/number on the Motorola Q in the Contact View was not always finding the proper contacts.
  • Corrected the Agenda One shortcut options for replacing the Tasks application shortcut with Agenda One.  Previously, when changing the option to use Agenda One instead of the built-in Tasks application to 'no', this option change would not be properly saved.
25 May 2007
Corrected issue regarding loss of Options
  • A very small number of users had reported the loss of their Agenda One settings.  Regardless of the number of affected users, this was a serious issue and should now be fully resolved.  Depending on how Agenda One was launched, it was possible that the file containing your option settings would not be properly processed, causing the application to revert to default settings.
  • Adjustment to the new Contact hyper linking feature.  If you have contacts with very similar names and/or email addresses, the v1.2.4976 release may have opened the wrong contact when activating the hyper link to open the contact for viewing.  This has been resolved.

    Thanks to all of those that have sent their feedback and comments.  We've received a lot of positive response regarding the new Contact hyper linking feature.
24 May 2007
Great Contact Enhancements and Windows Mobile 6 Optimizations
  • Now you can quickly link contacts to your appointments and tasks!
    When inserting one or more contact names into your appointment or task subject, the names of your contacts will automatically become hyper linked as in the following image:

Linking contacts to appointments and tasks in Agenda One

When you open an appointment or task with these hyperlinks, simply highlight and click the name of the contact and quickly view the details of that contact to make a call or send an email!

This was one of the most highly requested features and we're excited about just how easy this is to use!

This allows you to quickly associate contacts with an appointment or task, yet does not require that they be considered as attendees.

Quick Tip: When filling out an appointment or task subject, simply press the action/center navigation button when in the 'subject' line to pick and insert a name from your contact list.

  • Great enhancements for viewing notes within your contacts!

    With this enhancement, you will now see a note icon next to each contact that has a note, as well as the added feature of using the "Menu - Note" menu item to view the full note attached to your contact.

Contact note status icons

Convenient hyperlinks to telephone numbers, email addresses and web sites within your Contact notes in Agenda One

The Agenda One contact note viewer includes full hyper linking capabilities and will highlight all of the telephone numbers, email addresses and web links within your notes for quick access.

  • As we started to work with more of the final released devices for Windows Mobile 6 (HTC Vox, Motorola Q9, T-Mobile Wing, T-Mobile Dash and O2 Xda Atom Life), we found a few inconsistencies in how Agenda One worked in regards to the keyboard, specifically when searching for contacts.

    Update to work with new Windows Mobile 6 HTC Vox to properly handle the contact search with the slide-out keyboard.

    Agenda One is now even more convenient than Windows Mobile 6 when it comes to quickly finding a contact when using a QWERTY keyboard.  Agenda One will search both letters and numbers entered on the keypad without having to use the shift/alt keys.

    This update enhances the operation of Agenda One on all Windows Mobile 6 devices.
  • Update to correct problem in working with Greek language alphabet in the Contact search.
  • Added Norwegian (Bokmal) and Danish languages.
    This joins our current language support for:  English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Norwegian (Nynorsk) and Russian.
    We are working to complete Swedish and Turkish languages.
23 Apr 2007
  • Performance enhancements for sorting/organizing large task lists.
  • Update for square screen Pocket PCs regarding the message displayed when using the CodeWallet Pro shortcut link.  On square screen devices like the Windows Mobile Palm Treo 700/750, the message displayed was too long, resulting in the Yes/No buttons to be hidden off-screen.
19 Apr 2007
  • Enhancements to Task management within the Task View of Agenda One.
    In addition to the task display options available for the Task View, you may now quickly control and change the number of future dated tasks that you would like to have displayed in this view.

    Go to Menu > Filter > Future Tasks to select the number of days in the future for which you would like to see dated tasks.

    i.e. If you would like to include all tasks starting or coming due within the next 3 days, use Menu > Filter > Future Tasks > 3 days.


18 Apr 2007
  • The Agenda One view picker display now includes convenient launch icons for CodeWallet Pro (v6.60 or later) and Smartphone Notes (v2.1 or later) if you have these applications installed.

Agenda One on T-Mobile Dash

  • Corrections to Dutch language translation
  • Update for Motorola Q.  When using Menu > Go to Date, the 'G' key, being shared with the '#' key was causing the Options screen to be launched when using the keyboard to select the menu item.  This issue was limited to using 'Go to Date' from the Month and Week views.
  • Updated handling of changes to meetings with attendees.  If making a change to a meeting for which you are not the meeting organizer, you will now no longer be prompted to notify the attendees of that change.  This behavior is inline with how Outlook and Outlook Mobile handle changes to meetings in which you are an attendee but not the meeting organizer.
11 Apr 2007
Developer One is proud to deliver this customized version of Agenda One to several OEM/device manufacturer partners.
10 Apr 2007
  • Added Russian language
    This joins our current language support for:  English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech and Norwegian.  Thanks again to those of you that have helped us with language translations and suggested corrections.
  • Correction to Italian language
  • Updated behavior when launching Agenda One.  If Agenda One is currently running, and you launch to a calendar view, it will now go to today's date.
  • Update to the appointment/task preview displays to handle complex web hyperlinks.  Previously, there were some cases where the highlighted hyperlink of a web site address would be cut off.
  • Rare reports of theme reverting back to default.  Corrected.
4 Apr 2007
  • Update to "Save as Appointment" and "Save as Task" features to properly transfer the note text (if any).
  • Tasks view: Added filter option to let you quickly change the number of days for which future tasks will be displayed.
  • Tasks: Updated the sorting of tasks so that when ordering by date, undated items will always be shown after all other dated tasks.
  • Appointment/Meeting preview display now properly shows the meeting organizer name in the subject (and email address if applicable)
  • Agenda View now allows you to select up to 14 days for display
23 Mar 2007
  • Updated the saving of notes for tasks and appointments.
    When previously editing a note and removing the contents completely, saving the item would result in a small amount of data still being stored for the data.  These items may have been recognized by other 3rd party applications as still having a valid note when in fact there was no note contents.
  • Correction to the compressed mode option for the Today and Agenda views where the compressed mode option setting would not be properly saved.
  • Fixed language issue where the view selector would display English titles for the view names.  This also corrected an issue where on some devices, when selecting to not use the view selector, that the left soft-key would not display the proper view name.
21 Mar 2007
  • Fixed issue for Windows Mobile 6 where the first appointment on the current day would not always be displayed.
  • Updated the Month view to display category icons properly on square screen (240 x 240) Pocket PC (touch screen) displays when the daily details preview screen is positioned at the top or bottom of screen.
  • Corrected an issue where appointments that were starting and ending at 0:00/12:00 AM (midnight) would not be displayed on the proper day.
  • Added Dutch, Czech and Norwegian languages.
    Current language support now includes:  English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech and Norwegian.  Many thanks to those that have helped us with the language translations!
  • Update to resolve issue an reported on the upcoming Motorola Q9.
  • Added a convenient Language Selector from the Options screen.  This now allows you to quickly change the language used in Agenda One to your preferred language.

Agenda One for Windows Mobile Smartphone

8 Mar 2007
  • Update to better handle the numeric-keypad on Pocket PC devices like the O2 Xda Stealth and Asus P525.
  • Once registered, the Agenda One startup splash/logo screen display time is reduced significantly.
  • Recurring appointments and tasks: Added the ability to select the recurring 'ends-on' date or 'ends after n occurrences'.
  • Recurring appointments and tasks: Added 'every day' to recurring selections.  Note: We will be working to offer complete recurring modification abilities shortly.
  • Added Hungarian Language, working to complete Russian & Dutch languages.
  • Preference added to Global Settings that allows you to set the default for new tasks to be created as undated.

13 Feb 2007

  • Added Spanish Language
  • Update to task/appointment previews, smarter detection of telephone numbers (hyperlinks) in the content.
  • Internal changes to support Windows Mobile 6 changes.
  • Fix to display of calendar items starting/ending at midnight on the same day
  • Removal of duplicate contact "More" menu items (specifically when using the Google maps application and Skype add-ins)
26 Jan 2007
  • Expanded on handling complex hyperlinks in Appointment/Task detail preview screens.

  • Update to better handle slide-out numeric keypads on touch-screen Pocket PC devices.

  • Added support for French language

09 Jan 2007
  • Update to URL hyperlink handling in appointment and task preview screens.
  • Update for Pocket PC in Today View.  Stylus tap to check/un-check task was not always being recognized properly.
03 Jan 2007
  • Added Italian language support
  • Corrected issue in Contact view.
    If opening a contact from key search mode, calling a different phone number than the currently shown phone number in Agenda One would cause the contact to drop out of the list when you ended your call and returned to the Agenda One Contact view.
  • Update for Asian regional settings for time formatting where the AM/PM indicator should be displayed before the time.
  • Updated telephone number hyperlinks to accommodate the wait and pause designators 'w' and 'p' as well as allowing commas.  Previously, telephone number hyperlinks would not include these characters.
    If you're not sure what the 'w' and 'p' mean, these characters, within a telephone number when dialing will cause the phone to either 'wait' for you to press dial again to continue or pause for several seconds before continuing to dial the number.

    i.e. you can have a contact telephone number like +1 414 555 1212 w 1234.

    When dialing, this would dial the phone number, then wait for you to press the dial button again before it continued to dial the '1234' (i.e. a voicemail access code or extension)
28 Dec 2006
  • Enhanced shortcut launch operation.  If your preferred startup view in Agenda One is one of the calendar views, launching Agenda One from the home/today screen from a calendar item or the calendar soft-key will launch Agenda One in your preferred calendar view (Week, Month, Today, Agenda), vs. the previous operation of starting only in the Today view.
  • Correction to the display of the week number.  Depending on the combination of settings you have, the week number may have been reported as a week off.  Most often reported cases involved the Month View.
  • Addressing issue of key searches in Contact View when dealing with Contacts that have a very long name/company name.
  • Corrected a display issue in the notes section of the Appointment/Task preview.  Having text like '120%' was being formatted incorrectly.
  • Updates for the next Windows Mobile operating system update (Crossbow / Windows Mobile 6). This will not affect today's users of Agenda One, but it's important to have Agenda One fully ready to go as soon as devices start shipping with the next Windows Mobile update.
21 Dec 2006
New!  Upon the request from many business users, we have integrated a very friendly and detailed contact call log feature that is accessible from the Agenda One contact view.

Agenda One for Windows Mobile Pocket PC & Smartphone - Call log
How to use the call log:

Highlight a contact, select More > View Call Log to see all of the calls you have made and received with any particular contact!

The great feature of the call log is that you can email your call log to yourself or your secretary with all of the call details for any of your contacts.

Ideal for billing or quickly reviewing when you have been in contact with someone.

The exported call log that you email is in web page format that allows you to easily sort by call type, duration, etc.

Click here to see an example of what the exported call log will look like.


  • Enhanced Search Options
    The Search view now includes the options to search only appointments, tasks or contacts (or all items).
  • Corrected issue in the Search View that would occur when canceling a search where you may have seen items that did not match the search you entered.
11 Dec 2006
  • Updated registration code screen to better handle issues presented by the auto-completion feature on some devices that caused the registration ID to be considered invalid.
  • Added the ability to use your Microsoft Exchange Global Address List (GAL) to add attendees to appointments.

    When in the attendee chooser in the Agenda One appointment editor, use Menu > Find Online. 

    Note: This feature is only available if you are synchronizing with Microsoft Exchange 2003 SP2 or later and have the Microsoft Security Feature Pack (MSFP) installed on your device.
  • Fix to address a rare problem that occurs when deleting an item that may cause the current view to improperly refresh.
  • Updated handling of appointments and tasks coloring when 'color by category' is enabled and item has no categories and no color assigned to "No Categories" status.
  • Update to handling of last-opened Contact.  Previously, if you were to have left open a Contact in detail display mode, the contact may have popped up unexpectedly when working in another application when Agenda One updated itself.
  • Added Task options in Month and Week view to control the display of overdue and undated tasks.  This applies to the task items displayed today's current date.
5 Dec 2006
  • Added "Create Copy" for Appointments
  • Corrected issue with adding Attendees to appointments.
  • Enhanced Appointment Preview display.  If the calendar item being displayed is a meeting and has attendees listed, the subject will also contain the name of the user that created the meeting.
  • Allow the editing of dates for 'custom' recurring pattern appointment items when editing a single occurrence.
  • Enhancing the use of scroll wheel for devices like Motorola Q, Cingular Blackjack (Samsung SGH i-600/607), Vodafone v1605, Cingular 8525, devices.
    We've enhanced the behavior in the view picker so that scrolling down with the wheel goes from left-to-right across (like it does in the programs menu) and rotating it up goes right-to-left.
    The scroll wheel also now works great in the Month view.  Scrolling up/down will now let you navigate day by day vs. the previous week-by-week navigation (which you may still do using the up/down on the directional pad.)
  • Fix to the appointment/task preview when long notes are displayed.  In some cases either the text would be cut-off or URL hyperlinks would be incorrectly displayed.
29 Nov 2006
Performance Updates for the Contacts View
  • We set out to improve the performance of the Agenda One Contact View to not only meet the performance of the built-in Contacts application when launching into your Contacts list, but to do it even better.

    Result: We succeeded. And then some.

    If there was any downside to the previous releases of Agenda One, it was in the performance with displaying large (1000+) contact lists on slower devices.

    The functionality was great, but we felt that the performance needed to be better to provide you with instant access to your information.  Many of you report that you're putting your entire company contact list on your device, and we felt that in order for Agenda One to be your best solution, we needed to deliver you the fastest method for managing and finding your contacts.

    With over 2200 contacts on devices like the Motorola Q, T-Mobile Dash, Cingular Blackjack, Agenda One now brings up the contact list in about 2 seconds.

    Key-searching within the Contacts view is now also significantly faster.
  • Added attendees (within appointments) to the data that is searched from the Search view.
  • When you leave the Contact view and a key-search was active, returning to the Contact view will automatically clear the search.
  • Added the highly-requested "One-Touch Dialing" feature to the Contacts view.  Pressing the "Call" button will now immediately place a call, create an email/SMS or launch the web page (depending on which contact communications field is currently selected for the highlighted contact)
  • When doing a key-search from the Contact view, you may now use the right-arrow on the navigation pad to change the currently selected phone number/email address/web page of the contact.  Previously, this feature was not available if your contact view was in search mode.

  • Themes: When applying a theme that does not have any image backgrounds, the previous theme background images would remain in place.  Now, when applying a theme without background images, it will remove the background images from the previous theme.


20 Nov 2006
Updates for Pocket PC
  • Added ability to map the soft-key menu buttons to Agenda One views.

    If your Pocket PC has soft-keys on the home page that are normally set to Contacts or Calendar, setting the option in Agenda One to use Agenda One as the default calendar will map your soft-key buttons.
  • Fix for Week View display issue on Pocket PC.
    If the navigation bar option is enabled and you have chosen to show a single timeline at the top of the week view display, the timeline may have been incorrectly positioned behind the navigation bar.
18 Nov 2006
Update for new Cingular BlackJack (Samsung i-607)
  • Update to contact view search key handling.
    The Samsung i-607 works by another set of rules for determining the keyboard layout.  When entering keys, occasionally additional letters would be processed/displayed for a given key press.  This update will now work properly when keying in a search from the contact view on the BlackJack/i-607.

    Thanks to those of you who immediately pointed this out.  Our device had just arrived when we heard of the issue and we were glad to be able to resolve it quickly.
16 Nov 2006
  • Update to contact view search mode to handle the case on some Pocket PCs where accented characters would not always be found when keying in search letters.
16 Nov 2006
Enhancements for Pocket PC, Significant performance improvements in Contacts view.
  • Correct the functionality of pop-up keyboard on Pocket PCs without a physical keyboard to work properly in the time and reminder selection screens.  As well, if the Pocket PC does not have a physical keyboard, when in the subject or location edit screens, the pop-up keyboard will automatically be shown.
  • Fix in contacts view for searching via the pop-up keyboard on Pocket PCs.
  • Addition of a "Clear Search" command in the contact view to more quickly allow you to clear the current search.
  • Significant change to correct a performance issue when searching and loading Contacts.

    Provides an option to enable/disable the extended "Smart Search" capabilities.  

    The performance modification reduces the delay on starting contacts to about 25% of the time you may be observing right now.  (Depends on number of contacts)  Disabling Smart Search will dramatically speed working with very large contact lists and reduce memory requirements while still delivering a more complete search than the built-in contacts application.
  • We have increased the size of our test data sets, which now include 1800 contacts, and the performance is great across all Windows Mobile 5 devices with these latest changes!
  • Enhanced the view picker popup screen to reduce the display lag that sometimes occurs when opening this screen from the left "View" menu.
  • On Pocket PCs, removed the soft/popup-keyboard selector from the menu bar several in views that do not make use of it.

If you've experienced any of these issues, we thank you for your patience and your time in reporting the issues.

With the very broad range of devices now supported in Agenda One we test internally on over 20 different Windows Mobile 5 devices, yet find that some devices behave a bit differently than others.

Thank you again.

- The Developer One Team

13 Nov 2006
Introduced support for all Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones and Pocket PCs

Thanks to many of you who have helped and inspired us with your feedback.  The response from Pocket PC owners that wanted to use Agenda One was amazing, so we went into overdrive to deliver one solution that works on all Windows Mobile 5 devices!

From the smallest Smartphone to high resolution VGA display Pocket PCs, Agenda One gives you the easiest to use time management solution available.

9 Nov 2006
Thanks to your overwhelming feedback on these feature items, we've included these updates in this release:
  • Search View now allows you to include a space within the search term (i.e. 'Meet with')
  • Added 'Compressed Mode' to Today View
  • Added 'Show Completed Tasks' to Month View, allowing the disabling the display of all completed task items.
8 Nov 2006
  • Resolved an issue in Search View that caused Agenda One to exit. Updated behavior of "Start Search" menu item in this view.
  • Updated keypad handling in time and reminder editors.  On some devices, pressing the "1" or "2" key from the keypad would repeat the keystroke.

  • Corrected a date display issue that was reported by those evaluating Agenda One on the Pocket PC.

  • Updated initial appointment reminder setting when creating a new appointment.  If "None" is chosen as the default reminder for new appointments, this will now be properly applied.

7 Nov 2006
  • Enhanced the experience when re-launching Agenda One if the application has been put in the background (Agenda One is running, but not currently the top-most application)

    If Agenda One is currently running and you re-launch it from the Agenda One application icon, Agenda One will now switch to your preferred startup view.

  • When opening a contact for dialing from Agenda One, if you switch back to the home screen and back to Agenda One, you may find that the contact preview/details screen is brought back into focus.  This has been corrected.

7 Nov 2006
  • Updates for T-Mobile Dash/O2 Cosmo/HTC S620 to resolve issues in the Contacts view related to sorting items and contact key searching.
    The 'A' and 'Z' keys were exhibiting behavior different than has been observed on other Smartphone devices.

6 Nov 2006
Agenda One officially launched for Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones!
Mobile Updates
Find out about the latest updates right from your device.  Once you've registered Agenda One, you can use the "Check for Updates" feature from the "About" screen to download and install the latest update!


Agenda One Update / Upgrade Policy
When purchasing a license for Agenda One, you will receive an ID and Registration Code that will be valid for all of the updates within a major series of the product.

For example, if you purchase Agenda One when the current version is at 1.2, your registration code will be valid for all of the Version 1.x updates. (i.e. Version 1.5, 1.9)

There is no guarantee as to the number of (minor version) updates that will occur in any major version of the product.  New major version updates are planned to occur approximately every 6 to 12 months, and/or when updates to the Windows Mobile operating system demand product revisions for compatibility.

Your continued feedback helps us understand what features you need.  We welcome all of your comments and continually review all of your suggestions for inclusion in future product updates.

How to apply updates to Agenda One
You may update Agenda One directly from your device by going to the "About" screen and selecting Menu > Check for updates
If the newest update is a major version higher than the installed version (i.e. you have Version 1.5 installed, and Version 2.0 is available), you will be prompted before installing that this new version may require the purchase of an upgrade.


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