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Agenda One for Windows Mobile.  The easiest to use time management solution available.  Period.Agenda One for Windows Mobile - Help / FAQ


Agenda One for Windows Mobile - Help / Tips / FAQ
We believe you'll find the answers to many of your Agenda One questions here.

If you still can't find the answer, please try using the "Contact support" option from within Agenda One.
For more information, please click here

For the latest update information about Agenda One, please see the Agenda One History Page.

Will Agenda One work on my Pocket PC or Smartphone?

If you're using a Windows Mobile 5 or later Pocket PC or Smartphone (Including Windows Mobile 6 Classic, Professional and Standard), Yes!

Agenda One is the first solution to offer complete compatibility and optimizations for all Windows Mobile 5 AND Windows Mobile 6 devices, including all touch-screen and non-touch screen devices.

Unsure of which version of Windows Mobile you have?  On a Pocket PC (touch screen based Windows Mobile device), go to Start > Settings > System Tab > About.  On a Smartphone (Without a touch-screen), go to Start > Settings > About.  You will see something like "Microsoft Windows Mobile Version 5.0" or "Windows Mobile 6" if your device is compatible.

Will Agenda One work on Windows Mobile 6?

Yes, we have worked to make sure that Agenda One is fully compatible with Windows Mobile 6.  We will continue to be looking for more ways to integrate and take advantage of the new features that Windows Mobile 6 offers you.

How can I change the language of Agenda One?

You may choose among any of the installed languages by going to Menu > Options > All Options > Global Settings.  Select "Select language" to choose your language and after exiting the options screens, exit and re-start Agenda One and you'll be all set.

As of November 2007, in Agenda One Version 2, we offer the following languages of Agenda One: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Czech, Hungarian, Norwegian (Bokmal), Danish and Russian.  We will be continuing to work to support more languages as we continue our development of Agenda One.

What is the fastest and easiest way to apply updates to Agenda One?

Do it quickly and right from your mobile device!  If you have registered your copy of Agenda One, you may use this option:

Go to Menu > Options > All Options > About.   Select Menu > Check for Updates and Agenda One will check for the latest published version.  If it's newer than the version you currently have installed, you will be asked if you would like to download it.  Once the download has completed, you will be prompted to install the update.

Note: If the latest published version is the next major version of the product (i.e. you have Version 1.2 and the latest is Version 2.0, you will be alerted that you may need to purchase an upgrade registration to unlock the new version.)  Registration codes are valid for any updates within the major version of the product you have purchased.


In the contact view, I am keying in letters to search and find my contacts, but the searched letters are not matching any of my contacts.

(Example: You’re entering 'T O M', you have contacts with that name, but they are not being shown or highlighted.)

When using a Smartphone (which are non-touch screen devices) with an alpha-numeric keyboard, please make sure that the keyboard number/alt shift is not currently active. (If it is, you’ll most likely be searching for numbers and symbols). You can tell if numeric or Alt mode is on by looking at the upper right corner of the screen where you will see “123” or “Alt”. Change the input mode to Abc or T9 and the search should work properly.  (see the top-right of the images below)

On Smartphones with alpha-numeric keyboards or telephone keypads, Agenda One will automatically look at all possible combinations of letters/numbers that may be entered using the keys you’ve pressed and quickly find your contacts.



In the Contacts view, is there a quick way to jump to the bottom (or top) of the list?

Pressing the ( # ) key in Contacts will take you to the bottom of your contact list. Note: If your keyboard shares another letter with the ( # ) key, you may need to enter the Shift or Alt state to properly enter that key. On a traditional phone keypad device (0-9,#,*) you may just press ( # ). Likewise, pressing ( * ) will take you to the top of the list.

Tip: Use the quick search feature (just start typing in a name or number) and you'll likely never need to scroll through your entire contact list again!

Another Great Tip: Visit the Contact view options, where you can select from additional search fields to make your searches even more effective.  You can specify whether quick searches should contain the zip code, company name, customer ID, city and more!  To find your contacts that live in a particular state, just start typing in the state, i.e. "WI" would find all contacts that have a name starting with WI, or those that live in Wisconsin, or that have an email address starting with WI, it's amazing!

Can I link one Contact to one or more Contacts?

Yes!  In Agenda One Version 2, you may create hyperlinks between your contacts.  And it's so easy to do!  Please see this page on Contact Linking in Agenda One for more information.


How do Contact Pictures work?

The Contact view in Agenda One includes an independent Picture list that displays a list of all of your contacts that have pictures assigned to them.  You may assign images when you are editing a contact.

To navigate within the Picture list, press the Left navigation key (if your pictures are shown at the left), or the Up navigation key (if your pictures are displayed at the top).

You may then use the navigation control to highlight and select a contact by picture. To return to navigating within the main contact list, press Right or Down and navigation will switch to the Contact list.


I would like to get all of my contacts categorized.  Is there an easier way to accomplish this?

Yes.  Simply highlight a contact, press Menu > More > Assign Category.  This offers you a quick way to assign one or more categories to each of your contacts.  And, if you have categories assigned to all of your contacts, it’s very easy to find all similar contacts in the Search view!


Is there a faster way to jump to “today’s date” in the calendar if I am on a different day?

Yes, if your device has an asterisk ( * ) key, pressing this will take you to ‘today’ if you are in a calendar view.  You may also use Menu > Go to Today.


Is there a quicker way to get to the options screen?

Sure!  From most views you may press the ( # ) key to go to the options menu.


I have seen some screenshots that show menu items like “Send as vCalendar”, or ”Send as vCard”. That’s not available on my device, how do I get that feature?

Many of the action commands that are listed in the “More” menus of Agenda One come from built-in software extensions to Outlook Mobile or other software applications.

Not all devices will have the same feature extensions. Some may have Bluetooth features, Video conferencing options, etc.   Agenda One will show you all of the available extension commands that it finds on your device.


The view selector from the left “View” menu is great, but I would like to use the ‘next view’ type of navigation just like the built-in calendar has for switching to the next view. Is that possible?

Yes. To change the view navigation option:
Menu > Options > All Options > Global Settings > Use View Picker, and select “No”. This will turn off the view picker and show the name of the next view in the menu’s left soft-key button.



Please tell me more about creating my own icons for use in Agenda One. 

First, you’ll need an application that’s capable of creating and saving images as icon ( *.ico  ) files.

One of the many great solutions available for this is Microangelo®, available at  Many other free applications are also available online.

Agenda One Category Icons are each a single icon (*.ico) file that contains the following image sizes:
9 x 9, 12 x 12, 16 x 16, 22 x 22 and 32 x 32.

The great benefit to users with this image configuration is that no matter what size display or font size that you select, an appropriate size icon will be chosen from this list to display within the views.
This completely eliminates the need for shrinking and expanding images and delivers a far better quality visual experience.

Every *.ico file that you create must have these five different image sizes included within it.  Agenda One makes use of all of these sizes to display the icon in different places (i.e. the Icon Chooser shows a large icon, while calendar views will likely use a smaller version of that same icon)

Once you have created an icon file, copy it to your device and place it in the \Program Files\Agenda One\Icons folder.  (if you have Agenda One installed to a storage card, the location may be different.)

Your icon will now be available from the Category Icon Chooser within Agenda One.

Icon Developers: If you’re an enterprising artist and would like to create an Agenda One icon pack to offer to Agenda One owners, we’ve made it easy to get your icons installed into Agenda One. 

(A great example is the 'Friends & Family' and 'Business' Icon Packs created by DesignsByBert)

Simply install your icons to a sub-folder under \Program Files\Agenda One\Icons.  i.e. \Program Files\Agenda One\Icons\My Great Iconset.  When you are in the Icon Chooser, the Menu will list all additional icon packs found and let user’s quickly switch to the icon set to select an icon from your icon package.

Icon pack creators are welcome to contact Developer One for more information.  We will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to give users the best experience when installing your icons and give you tips for setting up the install package.  Icons may also be bundled with theme colors to deliver a complete theme experience!

I have installed one of the DesignsByBert Icon Packs for Agenda One.  How can I use these with appointments, tasks or contacts?

Icons are assigned to your categories.  Categories in turn are assigned to your appointment, task and contact items. 

To start off, we'll assume you've installed one or more additional icon packs, and we'll assign an icon to a category.

In Agenda One, go to Menu > Options > All Options > Manage Categories.  Here you will see a list of your categories.  Highlight the one that you wish to assign an icon to.

Then use Menu > Select Icon.  This will take you to the Icon Picker screen.

To choose icons from a different icon set, use Menu > 'Business' (for example, to select icons from an installed Business icon pack).  Choose the icon you wish to assign to your category.

Return to the main Agenda One view.

Create a new item, and in the editor, assign the category that you just assigned the icon to.  Complete saving the new item and you'll see it appear with the icon for that category.




Agenda One Search View

The Agenda One Search view makes it easy to find your appointments, tasks and contacts.  No confusing options, it's the easiest way to help you find what you’re looking for.  Key in your search term and press the center/action button on your device, and Agenda One will find all of your items containing that text.   

What content does the Search view look at when searching?

The Search view looks at all of your Appointments, Tasks and Contacts and examines the text in every field of these items, looking for the text that you are searching for.  This search also includes the text notes associated with these items and their categories.  The time required to complete a search depends entirely on the amount of data you have on your device.  To have Agenda One only search a selected type of item (i.e. Appointments) use the Menu options to select which items you would like to search.

What is the difference between the “Includes” and “Begins with” search types?

“Includes” means that the search term may be found anywhere within the content of an item. i.e. a search for “time” would also include any item with the text “Call me sometime” in it.

“Begins with” requires that the searched item have a field that begins exactly with the text you have entered. A search of “Call” would find items like “Call Jane for status update” but would not find the item with the text: “Follow up on call from David Kennedy”.

Note: All searches are case insensitive. If you enter “John” it will find any combination of “john”, “John”, “JOHN”, etc.

Search Tip: If you organize your appointments, tasks and contacts with categories, the Search view is a great way to quickly list all of your items that are in the searched category. The author of Agenda One uses it to quickly pull up a list of all of the items in his “exercise” category to keep track of his training and monitor progress.


How can I see the maximum number of items at once in a view?

You will find many of the following settings by going to Menu > Options under each view.

Typical settings that will minimize the amount of data shown per item (and show you more items) will be:

Text Size - Make as small as you are comfortable with
Compressed Mode – Yes All
Multi-Line Appointments – No (don't wrap appointments)
Multi-Line Tasks – No (don't wrap tasks)

You may also try setting these:
Completed Tasks – No 
Show Preview – No (Month View) 

Within the week view, you may gain more space for items by changing the date headers to display at the bottom of the box and turning off the time status bar.  This typically allows one to two more items to display within each day of the week view.


What are Contact Events?

A contact event is a birthday or anniversary for a contact. In the Color Selections, the Contact Event color is for the birthday/anniversary text color that will show in your calendar views. In the Calendar Settings you may choose to “Include Contact Events” in your views.


Agenda One will display a Contact Event if this feature is enabled and if a Contact has a Birthday or Anniversary date entered in the contact record. Outlook on your desktop PC may also generate a recurring yearly all day event based on this Birthday or Anniversary as you will notice in the image above on Monday 2/26. You can choose to keep both items, disable Contact Events, or delete the recurring all day event.


Where do I add category icons / How can I see category icons in the Month View?

In the Month View, go to Menu > Details > Category Icons.  If you are not seeing any icons, it likely means that no items in your schedule have categories (or category icons) assigned to them. 

From any view, chose Menu > Options> View All Options > Manage Categories.
Then, pressing the Center/Action button or Menu will show your options. To modify an existing category, highlight it and choose a Menu command.  You may also press the Action button to open a pop-up menu with commands.

What are the three columns of boxes in the Manage Categories view?

Column 1 – Clock icon shown indicates the category will be filtered based on time of day.
Column 2 – Your assigned category icon
Column 3 – Assigned text color or indicator bar color (this depends on the Text Color option that you have chosen in the Global Settings).


Time Based Filtering.  Once you try it, you’ll be hooked!

Time Based Filtering lets you choose the days and range of times that you would like to see certain categories of items displayed in Agenda One. Setting this up is very simple:

Example: You would like to see your calendar and contact items that are in the “Business” category only on Weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Because we never think about work when we're at home, right? 

On the weekend, and in the evenings, you will only see all of your other items in your calendar contacts list.  It’s smart and convenient!

Start by going to Menu > Options > All Options > Manage Categories.

Select a category for which you would like to apply time filtering, let’s use “Business” for this example.

Highlight “Business”, then Menu > Time Based Filtering. Select “Yes” to enable time filtering on this category.

Show on weekdays: Yes

Time: 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Show on weekends: No

Save the changes by pressing “Done” In the Category Manager screen.  You will then see a clock icon next to the “Business” category in the Category Manager, indicating that time filtering is enabled for this category.  Close the Category Manager.

What happens now?

On any weekday between 7:00 a.m and 6:00 p.m. your “Business” items will be allowed to display. Before 7:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m. these items will automatically “disappear” from your schedule. On weekends, these items will not be displayed at all.

To clearly indicate that some items are being “hidden” from your schedule, you will see a clock icon in the lower-right corner of your display in Agenda One. This tells you that time filtering is currently active and some items are not being shown.

How can I view the items that are currently being hidden?

Go to Menu > Filter > All Items. This will temporarily disable time filtering and display all of your items.

Every hour on the hour, Agenda One will check to see if you have categories that have Time Filtering applied and will re-apply the filtering at that time. You may also re-enable it manually at any time by going to Menu > Filter > Time Based Filtering.


Filtering and Time filtering status indicators.

You can tell the difference between time based filtering and typical category filtering by the icon that is displayed at the lower right hand corner of your screen. In the image of the Month view below you will see a Clock icon. This indicates that a Time based filter is currently applied.  (and means that some items are not being shown due to the fact that their associated category is selected to display during a time other than now.)

In the Contact view below you will notice Agenda One's regular filter icon in the lower right corner.


If your items are being filtered (as indicated by a clock or filter icon being displayed in the lower right of your screen) and you have a need to see all of your items, use Menu > Filter > All Items.

Time based filters will automatically be re-applied every hour, or when you restart Agenda One.


Is there a way to hide the preview display in the Month View?

In the Month View, choose Menu > Details > uncheck the “Show Preview” item.
You may also press the Spacebar if you have a dedicated spacebar key on your device.


How do I delete a contact?

In the Contact View, highlight the contact to delete and choose Menu > More > Delete Contact.


How can I quickly create an appointment or meeting request with a Contact?

From the Contact View in Agenda One, use Menu > More > 'New Meeting Request' or 'New Appointment With'.  Using 'New Meeting Request' will attempt to locate the email address of the contact and set that contact as an attendee within your meeting.

Using 'New Appointment With' will put the Contact name in the subject of your new appointment as well as create a hyperlink to the associated contact.

How can I assign a category to a contact?

In the Contact View, choose Menu > More > Assign Category.  You may also do this through the contact editor.


What is the “Complete/Activate” menu option for?

The Complete / Activate command is enabled when you have a task item highlighted in the list.  You may use this to check / uncheck the currently highlighted task.


In the tasks view, I see 'All Tasks' but none are listed, why?

Press the Center/Action button to expand/collapse the list of task items within this group of items.


I don’t use all the views, can I remove some of them from the pop-up view picker?

Find the setting to add/remove and sort items in the view picker:

Go in any view to Menu > Options > View All Options > Global > see both the “Use View Picker” option and the “Customize View order” options. In Customize View order, choose Menu to see your choices. The example below shows the View Picker without the Agenda View.


Can I have Agenda One always start up in my favorite view?

Yes, see Menu > Options > View All Options > Global Settings > Start Up View.


How can I make Agenda One my default calendar, contacts or tasks application?
How can I launch Agenda One when I press on the calendar items on my Today/Home screen?

Each of these options can be set separately if you wish. Please go to Menu > Options > View All Options > Global Settings and you will see the following choices:

Use as default Calendar : Yes

Use as default Contacts: Yes

Use as default Tasks : Yes

Setting all of these options to Yes will make Agenda One the default calendar, contacts or tasks application, so that when you launch the default/built-in calendar, contacts or tasks applications, you will instead launch Agenda One to the corresponding view.

The left soft key on my Pocket PC is not launching Agenda One even though I have it set to be my default Calendar application. How can I quickly launch Agenda One?

Certain devices are using different Calendar links than the ones we set for Agenda One. Our Development Team is looking for a way to better handle this. We have an alternative for now, setting a hardware button to your favorite Agenda One view:

·          Use the ActiveSync Explore command (Tools - Explore Pocket PC) or the File Explorer on your device to explore the Program Files folder where Agenda One was installed.  

Note: From ActiveSync on your desktop this will usually be something like "My Windows Mobile-Based Device\Program Files\Agenda One" or "My Windows Mobile-Based Device\Storage Card\Program Files\ Agenda One".  On the device it will be “File Explorer > My Device > Program Files > Agenda One” or “File Explorer > My Device > Storage Card > Program Files > Agenda One”.


·          This folder will contain the following shortcut files: Agenda One-agenda, Agenda One-contacts, Agenda One-month, Agenda One-search, Agenda One-tasks, Agenda One-today, and Agenda One-week. (If you cannot see the shortcut names on your device, try switching your device to landscape mode).

·          Copy and paste the desired shortcut(s) to the "My Windows Mobile-Based Device\Windows\Start Menu\Programs Folder" (from Active Sync Explorer) Or copy to “Windows > Start Menu > Programs” if using the File Explorer on your device.

·          Go to the Start > Settings > Buttons utility on your device to assign a button to your preferred Agenda One view.

·          You will now be able to launch your Favorite Agenda One view with the button you selected. 


How can I customize my colors in Agenda One?

Modifying the color scheme within Agenda One is easy.

Go to Menu > Options.

You’ll see a list of all of the colors that are specific to the current view listed and you may make changes to any one of these.

If you would like to see all of the available colors that you may change, go to Menu > Options > All Color Selections.

Several views within Agenda One share a common set of “List” colors. The views that share these colors are: Search, Today, Agenda, Tasks and Contacts.

Tip: Use the Free Agenda One Theme Builder to quickly make changes to the colors in Agenda One! Theme Builder makes it so fast and easy to make color changes from your desktop PC and see the results immediately within Agenda One! You don’t need to switch back and forth from the color options to the view to see if the color you’ve chosen is the one you really want. Try out the Theme Builder today.  Submit your themes, share them with others, or check out the themes that you can download right now!

How does the 'Contact Support' feature on the About screen work?

From the About Screen, (Options > View All Options > About Agenda One) you can select Menu > Contact support and you will be prompted to select your e-mail client. After making your selection you will see an e-mail similar to the one below:

This email is pre-filled with many details that will help us replicate your issue and understand your configuration.  This includes device model, memory, number of items you have in your outlook database, etc.

You will also notice that an agendaone.dat file is automatically attached. This file contains your Agenda One option settings. With this we can easily reproduce your exact Agenda One setup to more quickly answer your questions or solve your problems.  (we will put your settings file on a similar device so that we are working with the same settings you have.)

This file contains only options settings, and does not contain personal data such as your contacts, tasks or calendar items.

If you do not want to send this attachment it may be deleted.  For the fastest response to your inquiries, we urge that you leave this file included.

If you are experiencing abnormal behavior, please include enough detail to help us repeat the issue.  The faster we can confirm an issue, the quicker we can schedule the necessary updates.


After installing an Agenda One update my custom Today / Home screen image seems to have changed back to the default image. What happened and how do I get it back?

On rare occasion we have observed that installing an application or update may temporarily cause the Windows Mobile operating system to revert to default settings for the Home Screen. 

After a few minutes the operating system should automatically restore the previous image. If you do not want to wait, a soft reset of your device (removing and replacing the battery) or pressing the soft-reset button should restore the image immediately.


Inserting contact names into your Appointments and Tasks

You may easily insert contact names into your Appointment or Task subjects by simply pressing the center/action navigation pad button when you are entering text into these fields in the appointment and task editors.   After pressing the Action button, you will be shown your contact list from which you may select a contact name and/or number to insert.


Selecting different background images for the Appointment and Task viewers

You may easily change the background images displayed within the Appointment and Task viewers (the screens that are displayed when you view the details of a particular item.)

Go to Menu > Options > All Options > Preview Settings.  From this screen you may choose a different image for the backgrounds. 

To clear the image, highlight the image in the list, then use Menu > Reset to Default.

Note: When applying themes, if the theme you are applying includes background images, it will change your settings to use the images included in the theme.  It will not however modify your original images.


Timeline Status Bars: Changing the number of hours shown / changing colors

To change the number of hours and the start/end hours of the time status bars shown in the calendar views, go to Menu > Options > All Options > Calendar Settings > Timeline Options.

Here you can select the hours to display as well as the color used for the background of both your work and non-work hours.

What if you work the night-shift and your work hours are something like 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.?  In this case, you may set the begin/end hour to 12:00 am to 12:00 am (entire day).  Make your work begin/end hours match your free time.  Then just reverse which colors you choose.  i.e. choose Work Hours color for your free-time color and vice versa.


Is there an Hourly Day View in Agenda One?

There is not an hour-by-hour view in Agenda One.  If you would like to see this, let us hear from you!


Will this work on my Windows Mobile 2003 device?

We're sorry, but no.  Agenda One will only operate on devices running Windows Mobile 5 or later.  There are no plans to offer support for earlier devices.  Agenda One utilizes many features only found in Windows Mobile 5 and 6, and we are already working to support features that will be in future updates to Windows Mobile.


Will the data in Agenda One synchronize with our Exchange Server?

Yes.  If you're currently synchronizing over the air with your company's Exchange Server, there are no changes you need to make.  Agenda One will seamlessly integrate on your device, letting you work with all of the same data that you have now.


Will Agenda One synchronize with ActiveSync / Outlook?

Yes.  If you're currently synchronizing with Microsoft Outlook and ActiveSync or Mobile Device Center, there are no changes you need to make.  Agenda One seamlessly integrates with your device, letting you work with all of the same data that you have now.


I use software other than ActiveSync / Outlook / Exchange to synchronize my data.  Can I still use Agenda One?

Yes.  As long as your data is currently displaying within the built-in Outlook Mobile applications (Contacts/Tasks/Calendar) on your device, all of your data will be accessible with Agenda One.


I have some appointments displaying in Outlook on my desktop PC which are a few months old, but they are not displaying in Agenda One, why?

This is most likely resolved by a change to your ActiveSync settings on your desktop PC or from the ActiveSync settings on your device.  If you need to have access to all of your calendar and task data, be sure that you have selected to synchronize all of your data. 


Can I link an appointment to a contact?

Using the appointment editor, you may assign contacts as attendees to your appointments. 

The appointment viewer will also include hyperlinks to your associated contacts to let you quickly access the contacts.


Does Agenda One support using Templates for Tasks and Appointments?

With Version 2, yes!  Please see the details of Agenda One's Templates Feature


We would like to put this on all of our employees' Windows Mobile devices within our company, do you have an efficient way to distribute this to a large group?

For OEM and corporate distributions of Agenda One, depending on the volume, Developer One can deliver you a version of Agenda One that is easy to distribute to all of your employees.  Please contact us with your requirements.


How can I backup my Agenda One settings?

Agenda One stores all of your options and color settings in a few files that are located within the Agenda One programs folder.  This is typically in the \Program Files\Agenda One folder.

The easiest way is to copy the entire Agenda One folder from your mobile device to your desktop PC using ActiveSync (or Mobile Device Center), or duplicating the folder on a storage card.


I've backed up my Agenda One settings and re-installed Agenda One on a new device, how can I restore my settings?

If you have backed up your data (see item above), copy the files your backed up Agenda One folder to the Program Files\Agenda One folder on your device or your storage card. If there is a more recent version available since you last backed up your settings, install the latest version to the same location (main memory or storage card).


My Device will only let me install applications that are 'Signed'.  Will Agenda One work for me?

Yes.  The Agenda One download from the Developer One site is signed with a security certificate. 
What's a security certificate?  Digital code signing is a way of authenticating the origins of digital content.  In short, we submit our application to be 'signed' by an authorized security company (Geotrust) that associates the developer of the product (us) with the product.  This process modifies the application and adds a trusted certificate to the application.

In doing so, Agenda One will run on devices that require signed applications and as well, you won't get the annoying prompt that this is an "application from an unknown vendor."

There are additional costs and time involved in preparing a signed version of the application, but we believe it's a better experience for everyone.

When you update Agenda One directly from your mobile device, it also checks to see if the latest version is code signed to make sure that it will run on your specific mobile device. 

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