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 Diet and Fitness Tracking made easy on your mobile phoneiFitOne Get fit, have fun! 
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 Let iFitOne help you succeed with your diet and fitness goals!iFitOne Fitness Tracker 
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Get Fit.  Start Today.
You can do it!

iFitOne Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss tracking made easy for Windows Mobile - coming soon for iPhone!
Diet, fitness and weight loss
tracking made easy and fun!

Developer One was the Winner of the Handango 2005 Developer of the Year

Two-time winner!
Developer One was named
2008 and 2005
Handango Developer of the Year!
Coming Soon:
Great applications for your iPhone
and iPod Touch!
Developer One is a Microsoft Certified Partner - Mobility Solutions Specialty
Agenda One for Windows Mobile - Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, your Life.

Agenda One for Windows Mobile Smartphone

Agenda One.

"One Windows Mobile Killer App!"
- Sean O'Sullivan

Managing your life on the go.
Now amazingly easy.

Optimized for all Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices, now for Windows Phone / Windows Mobile 6.5!

Perfect for Home CEOs, college students, busy professionals, and anyone that wants an easy way to help manage their busy schedule.

Compare Agenda One's ease of use to any other solution.  You'll immediately see what makes Agenda One #1.

See the review in
PDA Essentials Magazine!

Introducing Agenda One Version 2

Managing your time and staying in touch with your contacts when you're on the go is so easy!

The easiest to use mobile time management solution available!  Top selling app on Windows Marketplace for Mobile!

For all Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1 devices and now Windows Phone 6.5!

Handango 2009 Champion Award Nominee for Best Organization and Best Business application!

From the moment you launch Agenda One, you'll see why it's different. 

It's everything you need for keeping up with your busy life when you're on the go.

So powerful yet incredibly easy to use.

It just works.  Beautifully.  For business, family, personal use, school and everywhere in between, Agenda One is unlike anything else you've ever used.

See what's great in Version 2

Proven the Best.
Winner of Best Smartphone Software in Handango's 2007 Champion Awards!
2008 Best Software Award Winner!

Purchase Agenda One online
Special Price $18.95!
Download a free trial
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Agenda One: Winner of the Best Life Management Software award!  The best mobile outlook solution for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone!

Agenda One has received the Designed for Windows Mobile certification for Pocket PC and Smartphone

Add style with Agenda One Themes

Get the Agenda One Theme Builder today!

Press / Reviewer Information / Screen shot collection

Read the great feedback and reviews!

Runs on all Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5 Pocket PC and Smartphone devices

Agenda One is more than just about helping you manage your calendar, contacts and tasks.

  • Keep up with your busy life no matter where you are.
  • Effortlessly work with your calendar, stay in touch with your contacts, manage tasks, and find anything in an instant.
  • Download your Free Trial today and experience how mobile time management was meant to be.

Currently using Agenda Fusion for Pocket PC?
Find out what's different in Agenda One

Compatible with all Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, 6.5 devices!

VersionVersion 2.3 (Build 9039)  view update history 
CompatibilityWindows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC and Smartphone
Windows Mobile 6, 6.1 Standard, Professional and Classic
Windows Phone / Windows Mobile 6.5 all devices
Synchronizes with ActiveSync / Outlook / Exchange / Mobile Device Center
(no change to the way you synchronize your data, install and go!)
Agenda One Compatibility Guide
Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine 2007 Best Software Awards WinnerAgenda One.  Keeping up with life is now so much easier.

It all starts with an ease of use you've never experienced before.  Powerful features make it ideal for business.  Personalization and Simplicity make it great for everyone.

See Agenda One in action or Try it now and experience it for yourself.

  • Easy to use!
    Features are great.  They're even better when they just work.
    Agenda One is all about ease of use.  Viewing, finding, creating, customizing, everything has been streamlined and designed to work effortlessly and let you manage your time with ease.
  • The most complete solution
    Multiple Calendar views, Contacts, Tasks and Search views deliver you the details of your life in style.
    See everything at once with the outstanding month calendar view.
  • Smart contact search
    Simply start typing to find your contacts by name, number, city, state, zip code and more.  It's smart thinking to help you do things easy.
  • Find it
    Search feature finds all of your calendar, contact and task items with ease.

  • Time filtering
    Let Agenda One know what you want to see and when you want to see it.  Business related items can be automatically hidden on the weekend, or personal items hidden during your work day.  Once you try it you'll be hooked.
  • Customize and Personalize
    Managing your time is very personal.  Customize Agenda One to meet your exact needs and create a look that matches your own personal style!
  • Create with your thumbs
    Agenda One's revolutionary new appointment and task editors let you create a new task or appointment in seconds using only the navigation pad.  When you're on the go, Agenda One makes it easy to do just about anything.  Our goal: to have you never again walk away from the doctor, dentist, etc with an appointment reminder card in your hands.  Agenda One makes it amazingly fast and easy to enter your appointments and get on with your life.
  • Make it yours
    Your calendar, contact & task list are a reflection of who you are and what you do. 
    Add your own personal style with the great collection of icons we've included, and effortlessly customize the look with downloadable theme packs.  Easily create your own themes (and share them others) using the free Agenda One Theme Builder
  • Get updates right from your device.
    An industry first.  Install the latest feature updates right from Agenda One on your device.
  • Powerful.  Incredibly Easy.  It just works.
    That's the whole idea behind Agenda One.
    Try it for yourself and you'll see what we mean.

    There are
    many time management solutions for your Windows Mobile device.  You'll find nothing that's as easy to use, yet delivers complete time management features.  Easy means you'll actually enjoy using it, and get more out of it.

View more product screen shots Download your free trial! 

bullet"I was going to toss my new Blackjack II until I found your Agenda app!  So much better that the default calendar application, thanks guys!" - Fr. Nicholson
bullet"Agenda One is simple and does the job magnificently. Thanks." - Rob R
bullet"I'm a big fan of David Allen's 'Getting Things Done' and your Agenda One is the closest thing I've found that really helps me follow this time management approach." - Gerry N.
bulletRating: 5 out of 5
One line summary: "Highly productive and clear calendar."  "I have used several Windows Mobile calendars.  Agenda One is the most functional, straight forward, intuitive, cleanly designed calendar software with many thought through features." - Akos
bullet"Thanks for listening to my suggestions!  But I have to tell you, what Agenda One does for me for managing my time is equivalent to what the iPod does for me to make listening to music easy!  The interface delivers that same quick, intuitive operation that I've become use to on my iPod.  I can't imagine ever going back to using the built-in applications on my phone." - Carlton G.
bullet"In comparing your Agenda One to applications like Pocket Informant and Papyrus, what clearly stands out is the huge difference in ease of use with Agenda One.  The level to which you've simplified the use on my phone is fantastic...  I'm happy to be a customer and excited to see what you'll be doing in the future." - Phillip T.
bullet"Thanks for an application that really keeps things simple!  I had been using Xtreme Agenda for the last several months.  When they decided to start adding a lot of 'fluff', I had to look elsewhere.  Your Agenda One really meets the need of keeping everything simple.  Thanks again!" - Sarah E.
bullet"What you have done here is nothing short of outstanding.  I honestly didn't think anyone could create such an application for the Smartphone that would be so simple to use.  If you had only the month view I'd still be sold.  - Stan R.
bullet"Thanks for the preview of Agenda One.  We've been long looking for an enhanced time management solution to bundle with our devices.  Our marketing group tried out Agenda One and was sold on the idea within minutes of trying it out.  The interface for changing options is really something.  I hope you'll be offering it for the Pocket PC soon as I see some great opportunities there as well...."
- Wireless carrier
bullet"I've been waiting this for a while and I tell you it was so worth it!!!  I've been using two other programs for my Motorola Q that combined, cost more, did far less and were so clumsy to use, well enough on that, those apps are gone from my Q now!  Agenda One rocks!" - Taylor J.
bullet"I just received my T-Mobile Dash and was looking around for software and came upon your AgendaOne,  Just wonderful.  I tried another time program and gave up on it within the hour after fighting to figure it out.  A couple of moments of trying your software it seemed to just fit into my Dash perfectly.  I can't wait to play with this some more!" - Connor L.
bullet"Hmm, my first reaction is: Impressive!  I use it on my Palm 750v although a stylus is present itís very handy with that one hand navigation. Good looking interface too! Nice colors and a clear overall look! A welcome app!" - David W.
bullet"Thank you so much!  It is very obvious the time put into program as it loads flawlessly and the features are spot on and the GUI is again the best I have ever seen!" - Doreen C.
bullet"Brilliant! The Best PIM on the Market!

What's the problem with lots of the Pocket PC PIM's on the market? Well, you can do so many things to your tasks, you spend your life organising your lists, rather than acting on them. Agenda One recognises that the point of a PIM is to present data quickly and comprehensively. And that in order to be more efficient than paper, you have to be able to get information into/out of it quickly!

It's fast, looks great, is powerful enough to manage complex task lists, and is amazingly easy to use. Perfect Product!" - Dan S

bullet"WWOWW!! Finally a top-shelf program for "Q"...  Very Nice - I'll be upgrading this weekend."
- Peter W.
bullet"Your update to the contacts is awesome!  I have over 3000 contacts on my Moto Q and the stock contact program was so so slow.  This is good stuff!  Like the name of the movie, I now have "Happy Feet"!" - Frank W.
bullet"I just had to write you.  I was long a Pocket Informant user and just tried out their Pocket Informant 8 version.  After experiencing just how bloated their software is, I started looking for alternatives.  I found you guys and have to say that your Agenda1 is a breath of fresh air, works nice and simple and meets my needs just perfectly.  You have one happy new customer!  Thanks!" - William R.



  • Synchronize with ActiveSync / Mobile Device Center / Outlook / Exchange
    Install and go.  Agenda One lets you work with your calendar, contacts and tasks so much easier, regardless of how you synchronize your information.
    You'll experience powerful, easy to use mobile time management from the moment you start using Agenda One.
  • You're First.
    Our goal was to make Agenda One the easiest to use time management solution for your Windows Mobile device.  From our customer praise, we've succeeded.  Powerful features combined with unmatched ease of use means that you have the best mobile time management solution without any compromises.  You won't find anything else like it. 
  • Optimized for all display sizes
    From small screen non touch screen Windows Mobile Smartphones to large VGA and WVGA touch screen Pocket PCs (Windows Mobile Professional), every detail of Agenda One has been designed to give you outstanding ease of use and a clear graphic display that makes it easier to use than any other time management solution.
  • Streamlined data entry
    You'll be able to enter new appointments and tasks faster than ever before.  Perfect when you're on the go and quickly need to schedule an appointment or meeting. 
  • Contact Call Log feature
    Quickly view all calls you have made and/or received with your contacts.  E-mail a copy of your call log for billing purposes, etc.

 Download your free trial today!

Languages Included: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Danish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Turkish, Japanese

If you are interested in a language that is not currently supported or wish to assist in translating Agenda One to your language, please let us know
Agenda One Update / Upgrade Policy
When purchasing a license for Agenda One, you will receive an ID and Registration Code that will be valid for all of the updates within a major series of the product.

For example, if you purchase Agenda One when the current version is at 2.0, your registration code will be valid for all of the Version 2.x updates. (i.e. Version 2.1, 2.2, etc.)

There is no guarantee as to the number of (minor version) updates that will occur in any major version of the product.  New major version updates are planned to occur approximately every 6 to 12 months, and/or when updates to the Windows Mobile operating system demand product revisions for compatibility.

Your continued feedback helps us understand what features you need.  We welcome all of your comments and continually review all of your suggestions for inclusion in future product updates.

How to update your copy Agenda One
You may update Agenda One directly from your device by going to the "About" screen and selecting Menu > Check for updates
If the newest update is a major version higher than the installed version (i.e. you have Version 1.5 installed, and Version 2.0 is available), you will be prompted before installing that this new version may require the purchase of an upgrade.

Download a free trialPurchase Agenda One Online


Agenda One running on the HTC Advantage


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