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Great Applications for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone - Featuring Agenda One - Mobile Outlook made even better and iFitOne - Diet and fitness tracking made easy!  iPhone and iPod Touch applications coming soon!
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 Diet and Fitness Tracking made easy on your mobile phoneiFitOne Get fit, have fun! 
The easiest to use Outlook calendar and contacts application for Windows Mobile!Agenda One * Best Seller *
The #1 Outlook enhancement for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC!Agenda Fusion 8
CodeWallet Pro 6
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 Let iFitOne help you succeed with your diet and fitness goals!iFitOne Fitness Tracker 
 Agenda One 
CodeWallet Pro 6
 Power Tasks
Power Calendar
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CodeWallet Pro 6
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Get Fit.  Start Today.
You can do it!

iFitOne Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss tracking made easy for Windows Mobile - coming soon for iPhone!
Diet, fitness and weight loss
tracking made easy and fun!

Developer One was the Winner of the Handango 2005 Developer of the Year

Two-time winner!
Developer One was named
2008 and 2005
Handango Developer of the Year!
Coming Soon:
Great applications for your iPhone
and iPod Touch!
Developer One is a Microsoft Certified Partner - Mobility Solutions Specialty

Your life.  Organized better.

The professional solution for
mobile time, contacts and information management.

Bring the Power of Outlook with you wherever you go!

Handango 2008 Winner
Best Life Management Application!

Professional Mobile Time Management for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC.
More Powerful.  Easier to Use!
Purchase online
$18.95 Special
Upgrade your current version of Agenda Fusion
at 50% off!
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Agenda Fusion has received the Designed for Windows Mobile certification

Compare to our Agenda One for Pocket PC & Smartphone

Stay on top of your schedule, keep touch with your contacts and manage your life when you're on the go.

Nothing else makes it so easy to manage your busy life like Agenda Fusion.

Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and Projects, all organized in one convenient place.

Install Agenda Fusion and you'll immediately experience more detailed calendar views, powerful contact management and so much more. 

Effortlessly convert your Pocket PC into the ultimate mobile office.

Powerful features like data linking, Alarm Notes, exclusive Dual Reminders and Power Text deliver what you need.

Install and go!  No need to re-enter data.  Agenda Fusion works with all of the data you already synchronize with your Pocket PC!

See what's great in Version 8!

Version8.70 (6 March 2009)
Touch-screen Windows Mobile devices including:
Windows Mobile 6 Classic, Windows Mobile 6 Professional
Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition
Windows Mobile 2002/2003 Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition

Synchronizes with existing data via ActiveSync/Outlook/Exchange

What makes Agenda Fusion the perfect mobile solution for you.
  • Powerful Calendar Views
    Display your schedule in detail with the Today, Week, Hourly Week, Agenda, Hourly Day and Year views.  Integrates your schedule, contact birthdays and tasks for easy reference.
    Quickly assign icons to calendar items to make them stand out.
  • Enhanced Month View
    Get quick with displays including busy status indicators, icon display and mini-text mode to see everything at once.
  • Dual Reminders!
    Busy professionals demanded more useful reminders.  We delivered it.
    Dual Reminders are one of the most innovative features yet.  Effortlessly
    add another reminder days before or after your appointment.  Ideal for automatic follow-up reminders or to give you an alert a day before an appointment, all while keeping the typical minutes/hours before reminder.  You'll wonder how you ever got along without it.
  • Stay in touch with your Contacts
    Easy to use dialing features, contact picture display, searching, grouping and sorting help you work with your contact list more effectively.
    New Contact features in Version 8 include integrated call log details to let you view call information for your contacts, and birthday/anniversary lists!   Read more about new features in Version 8
  • Tasks Management
    Makes working with your never-ending tasks list easy.
    Multiple levels of sorting, grouping by category, priority, date, status... delivers the power you need while keeping it simple.
  • Complete Notes Organizer
    Notes View organizes all of your notes and alarm notes in one convenient view. (Alarm notes let you jot down quick notes or voice recordings that can be set to pop-up at any time as a reminder!)
  • Data Linking
    Create meaningful relationships between your contacts, documents, tasks and appointments. Tie together all of your information for quick reference at any time and make the most of the information you have.
  • Power Text
    Only Agenda Fusion brings you Power Text to assist you in quickly creating new items in your schedule.
  • Personalize and Customize
    It's all about you.  Customize the displays to meet your exact needs and personal style.
    Add category icons, color code items and option favorites help you configure Agenda Fusion just the way you need it to be more productive.


View more product screen shots Download a free trial More Details... 

bullet"Just a word of thanks to your support staff.  Your quick response time was welcome and so uncommon.  I've been using Agenda Fusion since version 4 and it's still my most crucial program on my Pocket PC.  Thanks again!" - Brian K.
bullet"Thank you so much for the reply so quickly to my question. Congratulate yourself and your company for doing a terrific job at writing and then supporting a very useful product, especially a product that people use every day." - Barry
bullet"Wow, fast response! Thanks a lot! By the way, just wanted complement you on Agenda Fusion. I just deleted a paid version of Pocket Informant and replaced it with Agenda Fusion. Used AF long ago, before using a Palm device for years and now I'm back with Windows Mobile 5.0 and AF. Again thanks for the fast response and great customer service!" - Jay S.
bullet"...your new Dual Reminders option is simply ingenious.  This is far better than the way I've been trying to manage reminders all these years.  I use to always set my reminders a day before, then kept snoozing them several times.  This works great, thanks!  And your new website is a treat, the best I've seen of any Pocket PC software company. " - Ray N.
bullet"...and once I discovered how useful the Projects view was, I found myself much more accurate in billing my customers.  One even asked how I kept such great records!  The best part is that it was so easy.  That feature alone is worth the price of your software!  Looking forward to more great ideas from D1!" - Kathy C.
bullet"Thanks for the quick help! I tried asking a few questions from your so-called 'competition' and all I got back was some canned reply with generic instructions that were useless. Tell your boss that not only are your products great, but your support is better than I've experienced even with some larger companies like Dell. I'll be sure to tell the other guys in the office about your software. Thank you again!" 
bullet"I am a total fan of Developer One programs and the interest you put in delivering value to your users!! Microsoft shall envy you for the capability of solving problems to your customers."
bullet"I wanted to say thanks for creating a nice and easy to use program. We don't have an IT staff to walk our users through software programs and we found that most everyone in our department was able to use Agenda Fusion with very few questions.
bullet"A word of congratulations to your developers. I've just switched over from your competitor after years of using their product and wish I would have done so a long time ago."
bullet"You guys really made it happen. I purchased the Windows Mobile 5 version of Fusion when it was still in beta. It's really that good. Cheers on a super job!" - T.N.
bullet"Hey, just to let you know, I just got my hands on the new Palm Treo 700w and Agenda Fusion is working great, thanks!" - Bill W.
bullet"Thanks so much. By the way, I have used this program as well as others. Your program is so superior, hands down! Thanks." - Ken M.
bullet"The new project view is great! I have been waiting for years to have something like this on the Pocket PC. Thank you so much!" - Ed C.
bullet"Hey, just to let you know, I tried the competition's PIM software on my new Windows Mobile 5 iPaq and gave up after 2 days of struggling, got AF now and just love it!" - E.A.


  • Synchronize with ActiveSync / Outlook / Exchange
    You don't need to change the way you synchronize your data.  Simply install and go.  No matter how you are synchronizing, Agenda Fusion works with the information you already have.
    Experience what great time management is all about in just an instant!
  • Phone Integration
    Agenda Fusion running on a Pocket PC Phone Edition fully integrates phone functionality with the Contacts View.  Easily select and dial a number, send an SMS text message or email.
    Version 8 features call log integration to let you see at an instant all of the calls you have had with a contact, including total call time details. 
  • Powered by You.
    Customer feedback and comments have helped shape Agenda Fusion into the most user friendly time management solution for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs.  We're always excited to hear from you and what would make Agenda Fusion even better for you.
  • Optimized for Windows Mobile 5 & 6
    Agenda Fusion has been optimized to take full advantage of the features in Windows Mobile 5 and 6 and we're already looking forward to what we can do for the next generation of Pocket PCs.
  • Compatible with other great Today page plug-in applications for Pocket PC
    Fully integrates with Spb Diary and other calendaring applications that run from the Today screen on your Pocket PC.

    Download your Free trial today and experience the power of Fusion.


English, German, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish (See Downloads page)

Handango's 2008 Best Life
Management Application WINNER!

Entrepreneur Magazine's 2005 Choice for
Best Mobile Software!

     Winner of the Handango People's Choice awards! 


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