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Great Applications for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone - Featuring Agenda One - Mobile Outlook made even better and iFitOne - Diet and fitness tracking made easy!  iPhone and iPod Touch applications coming soon!
Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone solutionsGreat apps for your Pocket PC and Smartphone!
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 Diet and Fitness Tracking made easy on your mobile phoneiFitOne Get fit, have fun! 
The easiest to use Outlook calendar and contacts application for Windows Mobile!Agenda One * Best Seller *
The #1 Outlook enhancement for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC!Agenda Fusion 8
CodeWallet Pro 6
Screen Snap
Windows Mobile Smartphone SoftwareWindows Mobile Smartphone Software for your T-Mobile Dash, Motorola Q9, Samsung Blackjack, HTC Vox and many more
 Let iFitOne help you succeed with your diet and fitness goals!iFitOne Fitness Tracker 
 Agenda One 
CodeWallet Pro 6
 Power Tasks
Power Calendar
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CodeWallet Pro 6
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Get Fit.  Start Today.
You can do it!

iFitOne Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss tracking made easy for Windows Mobile - coming soon for iPhone!
Diet, fitness and weight loss
tracking made easy and fun!

Developer One was the Winner of the Handango 2005 Developer of the Year

Two-time winner!
Developer One was named
2008 and 2005
Handango Developer of the Year!
Coming Soon:
Great applications for your iPhone
and iPod Touch!
Developer One is a Microsoft Certified Partner - Mobility Solutions Specialty

Award winning solutions for your Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 Pocket PC and Smartphone.  Featuring the new Agenda One!  See why it's better than Agendus, Extreme Agenda, Pocket Informant and Papyrus when it comes to working with your Outlook data on your mobile device!


Agenda One for all Windows Mobile 5, 6 and 6.5devices.  See why users prefer Agenda One over Agendus, Pocket Informant, Papyrus and Extreme Agenda.  Great on the HTC Touch, Motorola Q, HTC Touch, Samsung Jack, T-Mobile Dash, O2 Xda and more!
Top Selling!
Time management that is so easy for everyone to use!  Try Agenda One Today!

Manage your busy life, family plans, work schedule and goals with the simplicity of Agenda One!

Optimized for all Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 devices and now Windows Phone (Windows Mobile 6.5)

Agenda One  Mobile time & contact management that's amazingly easy to use for everyone.  Works with all of the information that's already on your device! 

Proven the Best!
2009 Best Business Application, Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine 2007/2008 Winner and Handango 2007 Champion Award Winner!


Agenda One nominated in two categories for best time management solution for Windows Mobile!

Contact manager for Windows Phone - Best software winner: Agenda One!Agenda One: Winner of the Best Life Management Software award!  The best mobile outlook solution for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone!

Detailed schedule views let you see so much more. Smart Contact search helps you find people faster, powerful tasks management and ease of use helps you do it all.

Quickly create meetings, customize and personalize with ease. 
You'll see why it's #1.
 It just works.  Find out more


Winner of 2007 Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine Best Software Awards!
 Securely organize and find your information with encryption and password security!  More powerful and much easier to use than e-wallet or flexwallet.

Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine 2007 Best Software Awards Winner!Keep Your Information to Yourself
Pocket PC and Smartphone Magazine 2006 and 2007 Winner!

CodeWallet Pro is the perfect solution to store, organize and find all of your important information.

Your passwords, credit card details, bank accounts, PIN codes, travel plans, insurance policies, registration codes, gift lists... you name it, CodeWallet Pro helps you organize it.

Encryption and password protection keeps your information secure.   Synchronize with Mobile & Desktop edition!


The Power tool for managing your Outlook contacts, tasks and calendar on your Pocket PC!

2008 Winner of Handango
Best Pocket PC Software award

The Power Tool for Professionals
Desktop power for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC.

Agenda Fusion is the one solution that does it all.

Manage your time, calendar and tasks like a pro.  Organize your items into projects and more.

Create alarm notes, link appointments, tasks, contacts, files and even track your time.

Like Agenda One, Agenda Fusion works with all of your current information and synchronizes with Outlook, ActiveSync, Exchange and Mobile Device Center!

Fall 2009 - Agenda One Nominated for Best Business and Organization Software in Handango Champion Awards

October 6 2009: Agenda One and CodeWallet Pro are featured apps in the new Microsoft Marketplace for Mobile.  As of October 31 Agenda One was ranked as the best selling application in this new on-device marketplace!  Purchase right from your Windows Mobile 6.5 phone via the Marketplace icon.  Microsoft has announced that they will also soon have the Marketplace application available for all Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 devices.

Sometimes even the best mobile organizational software tools don't fit the needs of everyone.  Everyone has their own unique style of staying organized, needs change over time, and sometimes you just need something different, something to inspire you to keep up with your busy life, to succeed, to get rid of the sticky notes on your desk and in your mind and free you to live your life better.

We've been working hard on a new solution intended to help everyone stay organized in a way that's just not been done before for mobile devices, stay tuned!

2009 - Developer One joins Microsoft in announcing support for Windows Mobile 6.5 Mobile Marketplace at CTIA

We are excited to join with other top developers to support the forthcoming Windows Marketplace for Mobile, bringing users a convenient way to quickly find and purchase software applications from their Windows Mobile 6.5 phones.

Read more: Mobile Application Leaders Sign Up to Develop for Windows Marketplace for Mobile

2009 - Happy New Year from Developer One!

Thanks to all of you for a wonderful 2008!  We wish you all of the best for 2009 and will be bringing you great updates for Agenda One, CodeWallet Pro (iPhone and Windows Mobile) and some all-new solutions we know you'll love.

Feb 2009 - Agenda One chosen for on-device distribution with several Asian carriers/OEMs.  See why Agenda One has been pre-installed on more devices than any other time management solution!

Developer One Celebrates 11 Years of Great Software for Mobile Devices!

Fall 2008 - Developer One wins Handango 2008 "Developer of the Year" award for best Windows Mobile Smartphone!

Out of the thousands of developers creating software for mobile devices, we're extremely proud to have received this award for the second time.

Agenda Fusion wins "Best Pocket PC Application" at the 2008 Handango Developer Future Forum and Best Business Software Award for 2008 at!


 iFitOne Update

Thanks to so many of you for sharing your stories about getting fit and your efforts to start again with the help of iFitOne! Nothing is more exciting that hearing early success stories from those of you that have found iFitOne to be a wonderful compliment to your weight loss and exercise plans.

We're now pleased to offer iFitOne in German, Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian!  Download your free trial today and see how iFitOne can help you!  See what inspired the design of iFitOne: Read 'Fatty to Skinny'
 iFitOne Diet, Fitness and Weight Loss Manager for Windows MobileiFitOne for all Windows Mobile 5 and newer devices

We've helped make diet, fitness and weight loss tracking easy, fun and more motivational than ever.

If you've struggled to stick to a diet or are looking for a little help to lose that extra weight before summer or fit into your skinny jeans again, iFitOne may just be the solution to help you succeed.

Proven as a successful tool, the creator of iFitOne himself lost nearly 100 pounds and has kept it off for 6 years now! 
RapidCalc calculator for your Pocket PC

Developer One RapidCalc for Pocket PC


An innovative, easy-to-use
pop-up calendar that makes calculations easy on your
Windows Mobile Pocket PC!

Try RapidCalc today

Make text entry easy with AccessPanel

Powerful text entry on your Pocket PC is just the start with AccessPanel

Insert phrases, contact information, time stamps and more into any application.

Power Tasks for Smartphone

The ultimate Outlook tasks manager for Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003.

Keep on top of your never ending tasks list with PowerTasks!

Organize your schedule on your phone like a Pro!PowerCalendar for Windows Mobile Smartphone

Power Calendar makes schedule and tasks management on your Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone effortless.


ScreenSnap for Windows Mobile Pocket PCScreen captures are made easy with ScreenSnap!

Capture screen shot images from your Pocket PC with ease.  Ideal for creating user guides, product documentation or recording device settings!  More Info

iPhone and iPod Touch Applications coming soon!

Get Fit!
Lose weight and get fit with the assistance of your mobile phone!
Check out iFitOne!  Easy to use diet, exercise and
weight loss manager that you're sure to love!


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Try iFitOne today and succeed with your diet and fitness goals!
Organize everything securely with CodeWallet Pro
Manage your busy life with Agenda One and Agenda Fusion!